double din

  1. justwayne

    budget double din cd player,sd, usb,aux screen mirroring,android auto?

    Whats a good budget double din that plays cds, usb, sd slot, aux that has screen mirroring from phone as well as double dins same features but with android auto to download the torque app to read live vehicle obd2 data. Heres some from boss i think boss and planet audio are nice. The screen...
  2. justwayne

    double din cd player with screen mirroring a link? Android auto budget

    What boss or planet audio double dins have a cd player, sd slot, usb, aux and also have screen mirroring or a-link as well as which model has android auto,carplay. I was talking to boss they said the cd players didnt have adruid auto screen mirror but the mechless no cd player ones did have...
  3. T

    Looking for a good shallow double-din

    Hello! I have a 1999 BMW E39 that I want to upgrade the audio system in and am currently trying to find a head unit with the functionality I'm after but that has proven more difficult then I first thought as the car requires a pretty shallow double din or a double din screen with a single din...
  4. A

    Pioneer SPH-Da120 in Toyota Prado 150

    Good evening, I'd like to upgrade my stereo in a 2011 Toyota Land cruiser Prado 150. I have a factory audio system with the amplifier under the passenger seat. The only requirements are 2xUSB, Apple carplay and the ability to connect a reversing camera. The Pioneer SPH-Da120 looks as though...
  5. K

    Best double din in 2017

    What is the best double din to buy at 2017? I know the most popular two brands are Pioneer and Kenwood. I am willing to buy Pioneer AVHX5800BHS. Any idea about this model?
  6. F

    radio double din with optical in or toslink in

    has any one ever seen a double din with toslink or optical in connection? I want to build my self a micro pc with sound blaster sound card. Why would i do this, well car stereo processors can only handle audio to a certain point. with a computer that has a dedicated sound card you will hear...
  7. B

    Double DIN Kit for custom console

    I am building a custom console for my '86 Chevy C10. It's nothing spectacular, just MDF, foam and vinyl (no fiberglass). I will be adding a Kenwood Double DIN head unit to it. Will I be able to insert the head unit directly into the face of the console or do I need to buy a Double DIN kit? If I...
  8. M

    Help with wiring new double din

    Today, 03:24 PM #1 Monstermah Registered User Join Date: Nov 2014 Posts: 1 Pioneer double din with no harness I bought a pioneer avh-200bt but it didn't have the factory wire harness with it so I'm trying to find one online but there isn't really any sure shot harnesses for that model...
  9. johnsonboys

    WTT brand new amp kit W/ capacitor

    I'm lookin for a decent deck with iPod interface and prefer it to be in the back, with front,rear, and sub control. I have a brand new scoche 1000 watt rms kit unopened with fuses and has a capacitor with digital reading. Brand new still factory sealed. In the Wichita KS area will ship or local...
  10. C

    Looking for double din with tomtom

    Hey ladies and gents, I'm in the market for a double din head unit. I've looked and looked but can't find one that fits my requirements. A Sony one came close but is unfortunately discontinued. If any one could help me out with a solution (or mix of solutions) that would be great. Here's my...
  11. T

    Looking for a new head unit.

    I just purchased a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT. The deck that was in it is from 2004 and I am looking for an upgrade. I have not installed my amp or sub yet, but i will be so keep that in mind. I have listed what I am looking for below. Specs: Must Have Double Din Bluetooth Ipod/Iphone...
  12. valant_94gt

    FS: Pioneer avic-z150bh w/mc20 auto eq mic.

    Product Brand & Model: 1. Pioneer AVIC-Z150bh double din with mc20 Auto eq Mic Link to Pioneer for Specs Condition of all items: 1. Used 1 day, practically brand new with box and everything. Total Price: : 1. SOLD Shipping Terms: : Actual cost to your door. OR Local pickup in SoCal...
  13. VerTigo456

    Anyone with Pioneer AVH-X5500 BHS and rear cam help?

    Hey, I am planning on purchasing the AVH-X5500 BHS stereo and was interested if anyone has this unit with a rearview cam? If so, what cam did you buy? Was wanting a good camera that actually shows the info/ft, etc possibly and not just a picture? Not sure how the Pioneer rearview cam is for...
  14. trumpet

    Pioneer AVH-P4400BH Double DIN Closeout Sale

    Item(s) for Sale: Pioneer AVH-P4400BH Item(s) Description/Condition: This is new. The AVH-P4400BH DVD multimedia receiver features a 7" motorized touchscreen display, built-in Bluetooth® for hands-free calling and audio streaming, and an HD Radio™ tuner. The newly updated and innovative user...
  15. J

    Pioneer AVIC u310BT Ford F-150 Navigation

    Item(s) for Sale: Pioneer AVIC u310BT navigation / bluetooth. Came out of my 2004 F-150 Lariat. Unit comes ready to install with mounting kit, wiring harness, steering wheel control, and factory subwoofer turn on interface. Comes in original box with all included accessories. The battery in...
  16. G

    Installing Double Din in a 2005 Chevy Equinox

    First off, I am a beginner, so sorry for sounding like a noob, and I appreciate all the help I get! :-) I just acquired a Pioneer AVH - P3200DVD. I want to install it in my 2005 Chevy Equinox LS which currently has the original factory radio. I will not be installing any additional equipment. I...
  17. S

    FS: Alpine W505+Bluetooth+Sat Radio

    Item(s) for Sale: Alpine W505 with Bluetooth and Satelite Radio Add-Ons Item(s) Description/Condition: For sale is my w505 that i recently removed from my 07 Denali that i sold. Im looking to get out of the car audio game so my loss is your gain. Unit functions and looks great, plays dvds...
  18. M

    pioneer avh p2400bt or clarion vx401

    I'm in between on these two decks and i can't decide. What do you guys think? and also will a double din deck fit in a 2007 silverado 2500 classic without any major modifications?
  19. my dash

    my dash

    JVC 640 and an old school JVC graphic eq. Relocated my ac controls into a fiberglassed console piece.
  20. CarHead804

    Kenwood DDX 7019 Double Din Unit

    Item(s) for Sale: Kenwood ddx 7019 Double Din Head Unit Item(s) Description/Condition: Used Highlights: General features: DVD/CD receiver with built-in amplifier (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels) motorized 6.95" LCD video screen with touchscreen controls and selectable backgrounds fits...
  21. C

    Double Din Shopping

    Ok so here's the deal, I just had to change cars and I am in the process of switching all my equipment to my new vehicle. I am planning on keeping my original speakers and amp but I want to upgrade to a double din DVD HU. I have narrowed my choice down to these four options and I need anyone's...
  22. J

    My double din conversion COMPLETE 99 Silverado!

    hey fellas i converted my din and a half in my 99 silverado to fit a full double din and felt i should share it with anyone who was thinking about doin the same. hopefully somone that has the power will make this a sticky. this is what it looked like when i started... best pioneer ive ever...
  23. VerTigo456

    WTT for Double Din

    Hey, I have a gaming computer with 22" monitor, high end gaming keyboard, mouse and joystick that I would like to trade for a double din for my Vette. Just shoot me a reply or PM with what you have. I have an excellent ebay rep as well as on corvette forum. Thanks, Steven
  24. F

    Double Din in 05 Jeep and dvd/gps sugestions??

    I am looking to buy a double din Dvd/Gps Head unit. I have tried looking at a couple places online to see if i can fit a double din receiver in an 05' Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited but I haven't found out if it will fit? Also wondering if there is any special wiring that will need to be done...
  25. N

    WTB: kenwood dnx 6960 or 9960

    new preferably.
  26. N

    Kenwood DNX 6960

    To people that have owned this deck, would you say that it is: 1- overall a good deck? 2- worth the (about) 800 dollars? 3- has a fast processing speed with all its functions? 4- i had a quesiton about the usb cable as well. to hook up an ipod, do you need to buy a seporate cord that i see...
  27. D

    SOLD FS/T Pioneer Avic-D3 **DoubleDin/Nav/Touchscreen/Bluetooth/Remote**

    Item(s) for Sale: Pioneer Avic-D3 DoubleDin Touchscreen Unit Item(s) Description/Condition: In Great condition with no scratches on screen. Price: $470 (prefer local pickup) Also accepting trades Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Prefer local pickup.(Southern IN/ Louisville KY...
  28. T

    SOLD Fs/FT Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT

    hey guys been a while since ive been on here and posted on here but i just recently got this pioneer avic-z110bt head unit and i was trying to pick between this and the kenwood dnx7140 or 9060 and i got this but after playing with it for a day now im not liking the navi on it and just want to...