1. H

    COMPLETED Cadence A7+HC Ultrashock Amplifier - $250

    Cadence 1200 Watt A7+HC Ultrashock Amplifier - $250 For sale, used Cadence amplifier, puts out 1200watts Specs: Mono Block 500W RMS x 1 @ 4 ohm 800W x 1 @ 2 ohm 1200W x 1 @ 1 ohm 24dB Low pass adjustable crossover 18dB adjustible Subsonic Filter RCA preamp line out 8 volt line input voltage...
  2. M

    Mpedigo 98 c1500 extended cab build log

    This is the starting point of this build as of now I have two hdc315 d2, 2 cadence d2500m amps, 2 cadence d100.4 amps, 4 soundqubed 6.5 pro mids 4 8in generic sas replacement subs for mid bass. And two soundqubed pro tweets plus a holy crap ton of mechman 0awg cca, and xs power big three. Box...
  3. C

    Which Amp

    Orion-XTR2000-4 Cadence Acoustics ZRS C4 1800 Watt Peak 16V 4-Channel Class AB Amplifier : Cadence Acoustics ZRS C4 1800 Watt Peak...

    Deal betweem NIHL8ION and livingloud!

    I NIHL8ION have recieved payment for the item listed in this thread from fellow member: livingloud! and have shipped the item to him.

    WTB - Cadence Daytona DCA2500.1 Amplifier

    Well here goes... I really really have grown to love this amp so I'd like to (if at all possible) locate myself another 1 so that I can strap them together for 5k @ 2 ohms Otherwise I will have to sell this and buy 2 strapable amps that will do 5k @ 2, or 1 big amp that's .5 stable (Not really...
  6. C

    How to set gain for mp3 player

    Hi everyone! This is my first post and I would like to know something about gain on an amp. I have a Sansa Clip MP3 player and I would like to know if setting the gain on my amp to max would be OK? The MP3 player itself has an output voltage of 18 mV at 16 ohms. The amp's highest gain setting is...

    Cadence Daytona Series Remote Knob

    I'm trying to find a Cadence Daytona Series Remote Knob... It's an older USA-Made Cadence amp & I contacted Cadence about it, but the guy who responded to my email was only able to provide me with an owner's manual and promo sheet from the archives... I'd really like to find a remote for...

    Cadence Remote Bass Knob

    Like new: TXARAB - Cadence Remote Bass Knob For Cadence TXA Series Amplifiers 10/10 - I didn't even mount this, It's NOT the right remote for my amp, never used at all - sells this exact same thing for $59.99 !!! Link...
  9. 350zkid

    Cadence Flash FX8M4 (4-ohm)

    1. Product: (4) Cadence Flash FX8M4 8" mids 2. Specs: Features: 8” Open Basket Midrange Speaker Kevlar Reinforced Black Pulp Cone Treated Cloth Accordion Suspension Linear Progressive Conex Spide Acrylic Bullet Phase Plug High SPL Design High Tinsel Expanded Steel Basket Super Slim...
  10. 350zkid

    Cadence Pro 10x4 (4 ohm)

    Item(s) for Sale: Cadence Pro 10x (4 ohm) Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new in box, tested once and will say that this thing EATS power. Needs real power Specifications RMS Power Handling: 400 Watts PEAK Power Handling: 800 Watts Frequency Response: 55Hz - 4 kHz SPL @ 1w/1m...
  11. NIHL8ION

    Cadence Daytona DCA2500.1 - Anyone had exp. with one of these, any good?

    I just picked up a Cadence Daytona DCA2500.1 Locally, I can't find all that much info about it, so I was wondering if anyone here has ran or knew someone who ever ran one of these & if so, what your thoughts were / are about it. Thanks in advance for any / all input gathered. Here are some...
  12. S

    Purchasing a new amp- Alpine or Cadence?

    Rear speakers: This is where I am stuck- For the rear speakers, would it be better to use coaxial 6.5's or a matching 6.5 component set? Are components used for rear, or should I just go with coaxials? or is this another matter of opinion like asking "whats better, blondes or redheads or...
  13. T

    *****see what you think? *****

    First off let me say that I'm a rookie so feel free to kick me along as necessary and thanks in advance. I'm looking for ideas, opinions, criticism and help in general on the system I'm about to install in my 2010 F250 crew cab. This truck already has a 100amp alternator and two batteries...
  14. Doodaddy

    Cadence A series amplifiers (A2 or A4)

    Title is pretty self explanatory. A2 or A4. If I must, I will settle for the iA series eventually, but I have some time so I'm holding steady to what I want.
  15. E

    Cadence S2W8... Review and Comparison.

    *sorry for the long intro guys. also i'm not the best reviewer so take it easy on the negativity* Well New Years means new beginnings, and that's exactly what I'm doing to my car. For the 99.8% that don't know what I drive or own, it's a 1998 Toyota Camry fitted with a single DD9512 D1 on a DD...
  16. R

    Amp Reccomendation (Cadence vs. MB Quart)

    So I have two JL 12w3v3's that are rated at 500 rms each. I've narrowed it down between two amps: Cadence TXA 1000D - - TXA-1000D - Cadence Class D Mono Power 1000 Watt Amplifier MB Quart ONX1.1000D - - ONX1.1000D - MB Quart 1000W RMS, ONYX Series Class D...
  17. porksoda

    Wire comparison Review (1/0,4awg,8awg inside)

    Review of: Wire Comparison shots I have been collecting for a while now. I plan on doing the Big3 and running 1/0 though out my truck. Here are some comparison pictures: Well overall the most flexible 1/0 wire IMO would be the Knu KCA 1/0 and Shok 1/0. The Raptor 1/0, Stinger...
  18. D

    Which amp!

    I just ordered an audioque 2.5 12 inch. I need an amp to go along with a good deal. I dont want to spend probably over $170 but i do want it to be able to cover if i get a second sub for the future because i think i will in about a month or two. THANKS
  19. Why So Cereal?

    Need a new Amp for my 18 asap!

    so as of now i have a cadence dakota...2400 max, (supposedly 1200 rms) amp on my fi q 18 (dual 2 ohm)... basically it does nothing for the sub at all. and the amp will get hot as eff and then shut off. to even get the amp to do anything i have to crank the gain near all the way up and the bass...
  20. Why So Cereal?

    Cadence not doing it for me

    i have a FI Q 18 fully loaded in 5 cubes sealed. i have to pretty much max out the level on the amp and all bass boosts to get the sub to even move like its supposed to. Its running off a 800 amp batcap. so i dont think power is the problem. but the sub def seems to need more and i dont want to...
  21. Why So Cereal?

    Sub keeps bottoming out

    ok so i have a FI Q 18" (fully loaded) off a cadence dakota 1200x1 rms amp. on certain songs and after played for a while, the sub will bottom out on certain songs. (i was told that weird noise was bottoming out) ive searched n searched but all the ones i found were discussing ports...i have a...
  22. Why So Cereal?

    Help!!! Scion TC FI Q 18

    here's the deal. i have a FI Q 18 in about 5 cubes sealed in my scion tc. running off of a Cadence Dakota 2400 maxx...1200 rms @ 1 ohm amp. Today we metered it and I got about 138.9 dbs...which isnt horrible but definitely isnt good. I want to get to around 150dbs. Someone suggest a bass...
  23. k3n12ock

    SOLD Cadence CWM-xt xOvers

    Item(s) for Sale: Cadence CWM-xt xOvers Item(s) Description/Condition: Used. 6/10 cosmetic (scratches, sticky stuff on it, ) 10/10 mechanical They are the crossovers from the Cadence CWM-6kit components Cadence CWM-6 KIT - Power Max Electronics LLC Price: $25 shipped or b/o. Shipping...
  24. P

    SOLD FS: Cadence Xa125.4 Amp

    Looking to get around $80 shipped Model Xa125.4 4-Channel High Power Stereo Amplifier Specifications: • 4 Ohm RMS Power: 80 Watts x 4 • 2 Ohm RMS Power: 125 Watts x 4 • 4 Ohm Bridged RMS Power: 250 Watts x 2 • XENITH Power: 1000 Watts • Minimum THD: • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 40 kHz...
  25. Cadence


    97 Tahoe 4-15" Cadence Daytonas 1-Cadence 9000D
  26. Cadence


    97 Tahoe 4-15" Cadence Daytonas 1-Cadence 9000D
  27. Cadence


    97 Tahoe 4-15" Cadence Daytonas 1-Cadence 9000D
  28. Cadence ZRS 1502

    Cadence ZRS 1502

  29. New install in the bimmer

    New install in the bimmer

  30. Custom painted Cadence 4 channel amp

    Custom painted Cadence 4 channel amp