1. M


    Okay so I have a Skar 800w Amp paired with a skar 1200w 10 inch sub. I also have a lc2i running to the amp. I haven't had many problems with it until recently, I was driving and all of a sudden my sub just cut out, so I pulled over and my amp was in protection mode, I fixed the issue for that...
  2. Doxquzme

    Don't ruin it for the rest

    This guy, Is selling stuff on the DIYMA site and then ghosting the customer. I almost recommended the amp to an interested party (yeah, I know the story on wolfram, not the point of contention and not a new purchase) Please go...
  3. M

    COMPLETED Wolfram C-90.4 Amplifier

    I have a Wolfram C-90.4 in excellent condition for sale. These came out with the every popular C-2400.1. The amp is in perfect working condition and cosmetically it's in great shape as well as you can see by the pics.
  4. kulomer

    COMPLETED WTB AD-1 Amplifier Dyno

    Hey guys, WTB AD-1 Amplifier Dyno. If anyone has this available, please let me know. Product link
  5. cmartinez73

    HELP figuring out size of alternator needed!

    I am trying to run 4k RMS to 2 12s out of an 8kW amp in a 2006-11 civic si (the 2.0L) the amps of the oem alt is around 105-110, i know im going to need electrical upgrades. Can anyone help me/ tell me how to figure out the power my alternator puts out. I assume I will probably need an extra...
  6. M

    Should I use the double power input my amp brought?

    So first off I’m extremely new to anything in the electrical/sound world and all I’ve done is off intuition and very small amounts of verification from a friend who works with sound equipment occasionally. Now on to the main topic. I used to have a 1500W Machete amp powering a Machete M12v2D2...
  7. J

    Car Audio Set up 94 GT

    Hello everyone! I have decided to upgrade my car stereo on my 1994 Ford Mustang GT 5L. I have done some research but am still fairly new to this. I was thinking of doing the following... 1.) Upgrade the receiver with to a Alpine CDE-172BT CD receiver 2.) Change all four speakers on the car...
  8. C

    Amp has power but no sound

    Trying to troubleshoot an issue with my subwoofer/amp setup. I recently had to replace an old amp and bought a jbl amp that matches my subwoofer. The new amp worked fine for 2 months then sound became intermittent. I went to a shop and the tech found that my loc was no longer working, but...
  9. K

    Which amp?

    I’ve been looking for an amp that i’m planning to use to power 2 incriminator death penalty 15’s. So somewhere around 4000-4500 rms should be appropriate. I was considering these: Deaf Bonce AAK 4000.1 Skar SKV2 4500.1 Taramp Smart5 Bass any recommendations? I’d like to stay under about...
  10. basshead03

    Choosing the correct amp for the sub

    Hey! 😁 This is my first ever project in car audio! So, first of all which one would be more rational: one big sub or two small subs? (I'm looking for a proper subwoofer experience!) Currently I'm thinking of getting one big subwoofer, at the moment I have chosen the Hertz SPL Show SS15D2. ( Link...

    HELP Power wire touched rca wire at amp port

    Just like the title says, I touched the power wire from battery to the rca wire at the copper plug while it was plugged into the amp now the amp makes a loud humm or whine thru the speakers, I've checked everything from wires to head unit, it affected 2 amps one keeps going into protect while...
  12. Richard slidewell

    For the love of anything holy please help!!!!

    Can someone please tell me what these are called so that I can purchase the proper hardware and get an old Dinosaur bumping?
  13. S

    Starsound ssa-4040

    Hi everyone, i am trying to connect this amp to my factory sound system just to add an additional sub. now the factory radio does not have RCA output. i have a high to low converter but searching the internet i found that i can use the amp's high input instead. the problem is, idk how to connect...
  14. J

    Need opinions and info on sail panel tweeters and speaker amp

    I currently have a 2005 Mazda 3 sp23 and I currently have a kicker compr 12" sub with an Alpine amp, pioneer A-series 6x8 in front and rear, a Kenwood dpx303mbt head unit, and factory sail panel tweeters. I wanted to put a kicker keysmart amp to the speakers but do I need anything for the...
  15. TannerGreenwood01

    is there a Hertz amplifier that could run a JL 10W7

    Hi I’m looking for an amplifier to run my 10 W7JL audio subwoofer I’d prefer to be hertz as it would match all the other upgrades it made to my sound system this summer. I’ll upload some pics later. So anyone know any Hertz Amps that could run a 10W7?
  16. J

    Subwoofer Compatibility Check

    I have a 13 plate Corsa VXR and want to install a subwoofer into it. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to audio so I'm a bit stuck. My stereo is a AVH-Z9100DAB. Does this have an amplifier built into it that'll run a subwoofer? If not, how do I go about getting the correct amplifier for this...
  17. A

    Speaker static with amplifier noise increases with volume

    Hello all! I recently upgraded to a 4 channel amp. I had made a posting asking about what amps would well suit my needs, after alot of research I settled on the nvx jad 800.4. Amp came in I installed it with a 4 guage kicker wiring kit and a pair of 4 channel nvx rca cables. Got it all hooked...
  18. A

    Amp for 2 SA-15s

    Looking for an amp for 2 D2 sa-15s. I would rather run it at 2 ohms and was wondering if anyone has went down this road and what sounded the best. Not looking for crazy power or anything like that, just nice bass.
  19. G

    Amplifier suggestions for 2 SoundQubed HDC3 18" D2 Copper 1500W RMS

    Looking for a decent amp, something in the price range of $100-$400 range. It wont be permanent and will be upgraded eventually. Still pretty new with car audio and if anyone can point me in the right direction with the right gauge wire/brand of wire to use would help a lot!
  20. T

    My subs has four small holes in it.

    I took my subs in to be installed not to long ago and the guy mounted my amp to the back of the box. which I really didn't want, I would like to move it from the box to the back of my seat. to do so i would have to figure out how to plug the holes from the screws. Any suggestions?
  21. T

    2 (2 Channel + 4 Channel) amps or single 4 channal amp?

    Hello, I have a Pioneer AVH X2790bt head, and a Pioneer 1200 Watt Sub. I also have a Sony XM N 502 amp (2 Channel). With these I have 4 low end Boston acoustic speakers. I've upgraded my speakers to Polk DB 6501 for the fronts, and Polk DB501 for rears, as I can fit only 5.25 inch speakers in...
  22. L

    Will my new system work?

    Hello all As you can probably imagine, I'm a noobie, before I go ahead and install this new system I'd like to make sure it should work without blowing up. I got 2 x 12" Sony XS-GTX121L 1000W Details : 1000 W Maximum music power 300 W RMS power handling Single 4 ohms heat-resistant voice...
  23. S

    Rockford Fosgate T20001BD T8004BD

    Item(s) for Sale: Rockford Fosgate Power T20001BD Rockford Fosgate Power T8004BD Item(s) Description/Condition: T20001BD 10/10 cosmetic. barely used 4Ω 750 Watts 2Ω 1500 Watts 1Ω 2000 Watts T8004BD 10/10 cosmetic. barely used 4Ω 50 watts RMS x 4 (100 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms) 2Ω 200...
  24. adulbrich

    Amplifier Topology paper help

    Hey, I'm going to be starting a research paper for English class on full and half bridge amplifier topology. If you have any reliable web or print sources, please post them here. @sundownz; @Boomsday; @shizzzon; @DJL; and anyone else in the amplifier field, would you be willing to answer...
  25. RChillin

    Amp clipping question?

    Hey guys. I had a quick question on amp clipping. If you can't meet the electrical and amplifier wants to make its power , will it try to make that power with the less voltage and amperage ? And if so can this result in a clipped signal being sent out? My amp used to run fine with barely...
  26. 93Exploder

    Two 2-2.5ks Wanted

    Looking to purchase 2 2k ors 2500s. looking for skar sundown crescendo or dc audio amps. Let me know and what you want for them shipped to 95382
  27. E

    Camaro speaker set up help amp

    Hello I wanted to know what amp I can use for this set up? Sepperate amp for the subs. and how would I conect the amps to the factory chevorlet 2014 camaro my link? And how would I connect the 4 tweeters to the amp? 2xFront door...
  28. B

    Need recommendations/advice for speakers

    Hey guys I need your recommendations and advice on a new speaker upgrade I want to do in my 03 tacoma extended cab.I am planning on installing 6.5 component speakers. My budget is $550 for both front and rear speakers. I do plan on adding a sub later on, my headunit choice will most likely be a...
  29. M

    Simple amp question

    If i have 2 subs which run at 400rms each and DVC and are 2ohm each what amp should i use? They are Rockford fosgate P2D2-12. Sorry im a little retarded when it comesto this stuff :p. All suggestions welcome!
  30. NIHL8ION

    Used ARC Audio KAR400.4 - 4 Ch Amplifier

    Item(s) for Sale: Used ARC Audio KAR400.4 - 4 Ch Amplifier Item(s) Description/Condition: Used and it shows: Scratches and typical use over the years - Functions 100% FLAWLESSLY - Very Efficient little amp with good sound and power for it's size. Specs: Measured output power (At 14.4 Vdc...

    Wheres the best deal for Audiopipe Amps?

    I am looking for an Audiopipe 1500-APSM Amp. And dont know where to buy from for under 130, that comes with a bass boost knob, and free shipping. Any suggestions?
  32. J

    FS Digital Designs m1c Amplifer

    *****SOLD***** Item(s) for Sale: Digital Designs M1c Amplifier w/Base control Item(s) Description/Condition: Like new/perfect condition m1c for sale. Price: 380 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Price quoted includes shipping Item Pictures: (List pictures in this...