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Batteries for SAZ-3500D

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None of the "special" car audio batteries will work because the shipping for these are like the price of the battery itself :( (at least the places that I've seen).


What exactly are the specs that I'm supposed to be looking at as far as voltage drop for the load of the amp? Are AGM's the only batteries that will really work?


The website "PowerStrideBattery" has free shipping to Alaska and I was looking at this battery "Odyssey 34R-PC1500T". So would 2 of these be sufficient for the saz-3500 (and probably the saz-125.4 later on)? Or can I go smaller or will I be forced to go bigger? These would also be the starting batteries and I would like 2 of what ever type of battery I get because of how I'm installing them. Thanks in advance :)


BTW sorry but it wouldn't let me post a link to the battery...

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    • By john.mulvehill
      I recently purchased a JL 1000/1 v2 slash amp to power a JL 12W7 sub in a ported box. I am using 4 gauge wire. However, I have read of people having alternator problems or voltage errors due to using the amp (it is supposed to be very hungry). I drive a 2008 Pontiac G8 GT. My questions are:
      1. Do I need a 2nd battery?
      2. Do I need to do anything to the alternator?
      3. Would it be worth it to get a 2 farad capacitor? I have heard mixed things about capacitors. The guy at the audio shop told me they are like bandaids and won't help much. However, I do not want my headlights dimming and would prefer to minimize load on my electrical system. Would a capacitor help for these things?
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      as the title says, i was on ebay looking at these and it says their the same just different color. Is this true.. why are they cheaper then??? Anyone hooked them up and compared these?
      Oh sorry i meant to say the kinetik hc2000 vs the kinetik kr2712
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      Alright guys so currently i have 2 10 inch sony xplods and they actually do sound ok and are fairly loud. (i didnt have much money at the time i bought them and they are louder than my friends 2 type r 12s) I have them hooked up to a lanzar vibe 268 which is supposedly 1000 watts rms. (i know it actually doesnt do this.)
      I'm looking to upgrade these subs with 2 12s due to the extra room i have in my trunk. I want to stay cheap but i do have a job now so i can actually spend a little more. The ideal subs would be between 300-500 rms.
      currently i have the re audio sr12d4 and the kicker cvr12 in mind. Which of these subs would u go with with my amp? I have researched the re audio but i cant really find many reviews for it and im not an expert on subs. I'm also open to other suggestions for some subs around this price range. I'm looking for something that pounds but also sounds good while doing so.
      I would also like to replace my battery with a car audio battery. The car is a 1999 eclipse gs-t if that narrows down sizes at all ( cant measure the battery cause its storming right now). Any suggestions for the battery?
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      Whats up car audio.com. Im a newbie here and i had to set up an account so i could get this question answered so anyone feel free to add input.
      First off heres my set up.
      4 alpine type x 12s
      2 hifonic brutis 2600 amps they will be ran to produce 1ohm load. 2600 watt rms
      1 hifonic zxi 800watt (for components)
      4 alpine type r 5x7s
      200 amp alternator
      big 3 upgrade 0 gauge wire
      i will be installing all of this in my 04 mercury grand marquis when i return from afghanistan in about 2 months. My question is though how many extra batteries will i need in my trunk in order to produce a power strong enough to push my system to the max. Also which batteries should i go with kinetic, optima, shruken or what please anyone feel free to post. And also one last question i also have a battery isolator but its only to connect one extra battery. How would i go about connecting the third battery please anyone help i want this system to bring it
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      Im in the market for a new alternator. i have a 2004 mercury grand marquis. Im in need of a high output alternator. Ive already tried autozone etc... they only carry 200 amp alt. and i also tried mechman they only offer an 250 amp alt. heres my setup


      I have my stock starter battery and 2 kinetik hc2400's in the trunk.
      My problem is i dont know what size alternator i need. i know a 300 amp alt would be best but would my system be fine with just a 200 or 250 amp alt. and also where can i find one of these online!!!!!!! somebody please help me links to websites would be very helpful.