Usb issues pioneer 2660 nex

Rellik Newbie
Jan 22, 2021
So I have had the radio for a few months been using a sandisk thumb drive decided to add a few more songs and when I put it back in it says incompatble usb in am just baffled by it any ideas and what's the largest usb thumb drive I can use

hispls Veteran
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10+ year member
Sep 10, 2009
Central Maine
Issues usually don't come up from too much drive space but either too many files (every head unit will have its own max) or some corrupt or damaged files.

Format the flash drive and copy everything there again, if that doesn't fix you might want to just avoid using the new files that it didn't like. If you're deleting/moving files on and off the flash drive be sure to empty trash/recycle when you have the thumb drive in your PC as well, sometimes head units will try to read stuff out of the trash folders.

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