Subwoofer and Box suggestion

HennyGod Recruit
Apr 25, 2020
Virginia Beach
Number of subs preferred: 1

Size preferred (if configuration allows): 10

Budget: 600

Power to be used (which amp(s), include which resistance): Taramps HD 3000 2 ohms

Space available (take measurements, do not guess): 11.9 cubic ft

Goals: good sound quality and deep bass I want them to hear me coming

Listening habits: rap, bass tracks, emo music (😅) rock

Preferred brands/subs/whatever:

Awhile back I made a thread and got some good suggestions on subwoofer, box and amp set up. Sadly the sub and box both are sold out that were recommended. I need new recommendations the amp I have is Taramps HD 3000 2 ohms I have 600 to spend on subwoofer and Box and no I don’t have a way to make my own box. Thanks.
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