head unit amplifier

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    Bridging a head unit that is 50Wx4 so that it gives full power to only 2 speakers

    The Only speakers running off my Head Unit are my woofers in my rear backseat, and i want to give them more power by wiring them to my HU differently. I was thinking about how i can bridge a 4 channel amp to just two speakers by connecting the negative speaker wire to a negative of one channel...
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    Speaker wire to RCA using a Line Out Converter (LOC)

    My head unit has 3 pre amp outputs all used up on the subs, tweeters and midrange, going into a DSP with 4 pre amp outputs, so 1 set of pre amp outputs are free on the DSP, which I would like to use to bandpass my rear backseat speakers. Can i, using the HU as an amp, use the HU designated rear...
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    Need help to wire up my radio please.

    Hi all audio fans Hi I have the alpine cde-w235ebt and has one sub rca out put I have now bought the fusion 8” 600 Watt Super Slim Active Subwoofer CP-AS1080 it has 2 rca outputs how do I wire this do I need splitters and where do they go any help will be apreciated