Problem with amplifier and mids Please help.

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Hello, I recently installed a bunch of new components in my car. Three amplifiers (one for the sub, one for my mids and one for my tweeters), 8 mids, 4 tweeters, one 12" sub. I've got it all wired up and I am very sure that everything is wired correctly.
Now the problem is that when I tried to set the gain and everything last night I did not get it to work properly, specifically the mids.
The amp is a 2 Channel Deaf-Bonce Apocalypse 1200.2 and it can deliver 1200 wrms at 1 ohm per channel. I have 4 of the mids in parallell on one channel and hooked up the same on the other channel. All the mids are 4 ohm. With nothing other than the amp for the mids active I turned up the gain at first I got waay too much bass and no vocals playing so I started fiddling a little bit with the crossover. However I tried using both LPF and HPF as you should but I never got rid of the bass even when turning the HPF to 10kHz. Ofcourse it decreased a bit but never went away. On the flipside when I turned on the LPF instead it was more than happy to give me more bass however it isnt what I want. Also the volume of the speakers was really low even with the gain set a good bit high and stereo at 50 out of 62 there was basically no volume coming out. I am going to try to set the gain and crossover with a multimeter today to see if i can get results but it does not seem promising by what I got yesterday. Am I missing something very crucial here or what? Please help. If you need more info please ask I am not sure of what to put in here
Try turning up the treble. When I set my radio eq to "natural", the highs seem to disappear.
I have further checked everything and tried to measure eveything with multimeter and it seems like the amp is dead almost. I dont know if I caused it or if it was DOA (is that common?) But I hooked my speakers up to the HU instead of the amp and now I can atleast listen to music while I figure out a solution to get a new amp. Thanks for the inputs!
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Love the site, arguments over non-issues, not so much. ;)
Sweet!! Im happy to hear that it was not a major issue.!! Very nice man. Thanks for letting us know what the culprit was!!
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