deaf bonce

  1. D

    12" Recommendations 2500w RMS Below $600

    I'm looking for recommendations on a single 12" sub around 2500w RMS, trying to stay below $600. I will be using WinISD and probably to build my own box. I'm not looking to compete, listen mostly to rap and hip-hop, looking for loud as possible, but not low as possible (probably in...
  2. markosg9l

    B2 or Deaf Bonce?

    B2 B2 Rage15XL Deaf bonce 3015R i could stretch to Deaf bonce 2 3515R Would you choose one over the other or both brands perform same? since I'm not changing box, does b2 or DB like a big box? Amp, Digital designs M1C, 300A alt, 3 batteries stinger spv70. The guy who made the box said it...
  3. TheRealPD

    Problem with amplifier and mids Please help.

    Hello, I recently installed a bunch of new components in my car. Three amplifiers (one for the sub, one for my mids and one for my tweeters), 8 mids, 4 tweeters, one 12" sub. I've got it all wired up and I am very sure that everything is wired correctly. Now the problem is that when I tried to...
  4. K

    Which amp?

    I’ve been looking for an amp that i’m planning to use to power 2 incriminator death penalty 15’s. So somewhere around 4000-4500 rms should be appropriate. I was considering these: Deaf Bonce AAK 4000.1 Skar SKV2 4500.1 Taramp Smart5 Bass any recommendations? I’d like to stay under about...
  5. F

    American Bass XFL 15 vs Deaf Bonce DB-SA2615D1

    I'm looking to buy 2 15" subs. Trying to stay in the under $200/each range. I'm leaning towards the AB XFLs because I'm familiar with them and like them. I've heard good things about Deaf Bonce but never heard them in person. I'll be putting them in a 3.6 cu. ft. per cube box. Tuned to about 32...
  6. O

    TEAM DEAF BONCE USA - (2) 32s | 48kw | 48 banks of caps

    Many of you have seen the sweet build our Russian brothers just completed with (2) 32" Deaf Bonce subs in their clean red Escalade. Well, we too cracked open some vodka and decided it's time to bring some monster subs over to the USA and build a cool *** rig. So, without further adieu, we...