amp 2 channel

  1. Jace14

    Can i just connect my mid to high speakers to my radio?

    Hey guys, so im making my first build on a old 1988 toyota 4runner and im installing some new Pioneer 250w mids and highs with a Magnat ultra 300 Reflex subwoof and a Magant rock 4000 amp. Because english isnt my first language its a bit hard for me to understand all of the tutorials so i just...
  2. TheRealPD

    Problem with amplifier and mids Please help.

    Hello, I recently installed a bunch of new components in my car. Three amplifiers (one for the sub, one for my mids and one for my tweeters), 8 mids, 4 tweeters, one 12" sub. I've got it all wired up and I am very sure that everything is wired correctly. Now the problem is that when I tried to...
  3. B

    Help Please! Signal being sent to sub when volume at 0

    Hey guys, I'm running a Skar RP1200, MTX 7512-22 @ 1 Ohm and an Audio Control LC2i. I just did the install while keeping the factory head unit in my 2016 Ford Focus ST. I spliced into the factory wire harness coming from the factory Sony amp to grab signal from the front speakers (using solder...
  4. D

    Issues installing stereo system in cooler ... please help

    Hi there! Newbie here ... I need some help with my set up: two amps, two speakers, two subs and 12 volt battery. This is what I have:
  5. C

    Need idea of which 3 subs to buy that a PPI A600.2 2 channel amp can run

    Art Series Model: A600.2 (2 channel) Continuous Power Output per Channel: 4 Ohms, 11-15 VDC, Stereo: 150 Watts 2 Ohms, 11-15 VDC, Stereo: 300 Watts 4 Ohms, 11-15 VDC, Bridged: 600 Watts I imagine since its 3 subs (single or duel coils) whatever you reccomend to me , it would be bridged I...
  6. B

    American Bass VFL 1000 old school amp

    Item(s) for Sale: American Bass VFL 1000 Item(s) Description/Condition: SWEET ULTRA RARE American Bass VFL 1000 Old school 2 channel amplifier!!! 1000w RMS at 4 ohms bridged. USA MADE!!!! This is one very rare amplifier!!! Has double power and ground inputs on it, and only the "BIG BOY" amps...
  7. P

    What amp should I use for Speaker/sub combo box

    I have a set of 2 Sony sub/speakers. They are for home audio but have a higher ohm rating then the sub I'm looking at. My question is can I use Lanzar MXA214 800 Watt 2 Channel amp to power them in my truck (ive had them forever and the watts/ohm sticker fell off but I know they are 8ohm and I'm...
  8. D

    Help!! Need information on my amp, no idea what it is

    Hi new here to the forum, so this is my first post I have an amp that I purchased in a lot of audio equipment a while ago. But I've never known the brand, model or actual rating of the amp. I once found the amp online but lost it. I'm hoping someone has one of the same amps or has some...
  9. J

    Need Help on new system install

    I'm planning on getting 2 Alpine SWR-12D4's. Would a SSL EVO2200.2 amp be adequate for this? I am also planning on getting a 2.0 farad capacitor. I don't want to put more than 1000-1100 watts RMS out right now because I don't have the money to upgrade all of my electrical. If I'm right this...
  10. D

    DVC to two channel amp

    Is it possible to run a DVC sub and run each coil to one channel on my amp? My amp is not stable at 2ohm in bridged mode and running one lead to each channel on my amp is the only way to hook up a sub somebody is trying to give me for cheap.
  11. B

    Voltage dropping at amp terminals

    Hi all, I have a Sony xplod 1000W 2 channel amp, and it has worked perfectly fine with my 2 kicker 15 comp subs for almost 2 years. Last week, my alternator died, and so I replaced it and purchased a new and bigger battery for my car. However since this happened, my subs would randomly cut...
  12. H

    Lanzar VCT-2610 two channel amplifiers

    Hello, I have two Lanzar VCT-2610 two channel amplifiers. They are both brand new in box, opened once to check when I first bought them some time ago. I'm asking $250 for both plus shipping. Paypal preferred... Thanks in advance.