mid bass

  1. TheRealPD

    Problem with amplifier and mids Please help.

    Hello, I recently installed a bunch of new components in my car. Three amplifiers (one for the sub, one for my mids and one for my tweeters), 8 mids, 4 tweeters, one 12" sub. I've got it all wired up and I am very sure that everything is wired correctly. Now the problem is that when I tried to...
  2. 20 hz bass machine

    Is there a good mid bass driver out there?

    I'm looking for a mid bass driver that's preferably 8". I'm trying to put 2 in my driver and passenger doors with the goal of getting some quality mid bass, in the 80-300 ish HZ range. All of the speakers I'm finding are designed more as mid range speakers. I've found several with the...
  3. cooper1123

    Loud PRV Audio Front Stage, Mids and Supa Tweets

    Item(s) for Sale: (2) PRV TW450-ti supertweeters (2) PRV 6MB200 Item(s) Description/Condition: Both are the 8ohm model In great condition!! Only flaw is where the screws bent the outside of the frame on the mids They play and sound great, very loud Tweets Mounting depth : 2.9" Mids...
  4. M

    TUTORIAL - How to Increase Mid Bass / Build Custom Speaker Adapters

    Hello and welcome to the How to Increase Mid Bass and Build Custom Speaker adapters Tutorial! Have you ever added new aftermarket speakers in a door or dash location only to be disappointed with the output in the mid bass region? Sure the higher frequencies sound great but it just seems like...