Opinions for new interior partial custom setup 94 suburban

94 ranger

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Dec 24, 2018
I'm looking to get out of the typical component setup in my suburban and want too realy get opinions on how to setup strictly mid range 6.5s in my front doors and kick pods and 8s in my suburban barn doors .. just here too see what's the best option for powering 6 independent mids.
Its my first time getting away from 2 way coaxial and components on a typical 4 channel , looking to go loud and clear , I'm just not really sure how these types of independent setups are ran with the correct amps or amp choice . Some people have said the way to go is run high powered multiple mono blocks to each door persay and you get way better sound .
I was looking at PRV as a choice or fosgate mids.
So my real situation here is I really only want to run one amp for all these speakers, that leaves me to understanding that a 4 channel won't cut it and I'm not gonna get 250 rms from a 6 channel if one even exists
So I need to know the correct ohm woofers I would need too purchase and how I can wire them down to One high powered mono block if I'm going 6 mids without any crossovers I'd be just using my alpine ilx-f309 for eq adjustment, so what would be a good amp choice to power these ! or of anyone can reconfigure how I should do this with 6 midbass loud speakers
I will also probably be only using two 1" super tweets in the pods for the entire truck which I can amp them independently if need be .

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