need suggestions on new sub.

keankrer Newbie
Apr 21, 2019
Hey, i want a nice bass solution in my car. i have 1 pair of 4" coaxial speakers in the front, that dosent delive alot of base. So i want something to addon some bass in the front. In the back i hav 1 pair 6x9" coaxial so they work just fine. 

i was thinking something like a sub box mounted under the seat beacuse i want something simple and easy to hook up, but i have read that they dosent produce a lot off base. Or is it just a myth?

i dont really need a powerfull sub, just something that pairs good with my front speakers and add some base in the front, so it dosent sound so lame. 

anny suggestions?


TonWardHD Enthusiast
Jan 22, 2019
Bass not base. What do you mean by bass in the front? Bass acts differently than regular sound, so if you put a sub in the trunk it would not sound muffled. I recommend not buying an underseat sub. Just buy a 500 watt mono amp and hook it up to a simple sub in the trunk. 12, 15” - whatever u want


DRBOOM Well Known
Nov 21, 2018
OK, so you have 4 inch speakers up front, and you wish to have decent bass that blends in well with your front stage right? :graduate:

You did not mention any amplification in your current ride so I will take it you are running stock head unit and speakers;   Those under-seat subwoofers are not efficient and they don't go low due to its enclosure, its just the laws of physics that does not allow that performance from a speaker placed in an enclosure the size of an A4 photocopy paper :uhoh: .

Agree with Tonward DH, to go a separate monoblock and a single 10 sealed box will do the job for you.  A single 200rms monoblock would be sufficient in your needs as you don't want the bass to overpower your front stage.

Time to visit your local car audio shops and see what they can do for you or if you want to take the DIY approach, then they can steer you into your requirements and the damage bill for your craving bass need! :laugh:

Let us know how you go mate!



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