Need small sub for truck. ~1cuft of space and 300 watt rms amp


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Mar 29, 2014
United States
Hooking up a new low cost system in my truck. Other car already has a much better system at around 1500 watts total. I just need SOMETHING better than the stock system in my 2005 base level Dakota. System will have a small amp running to the front door speakers. and Im thinking of running a sub as well. I already have an amp (~300 watts @ 4 ohms bridged) that I plan on using for the sub. Looking for something real small and cheap to fit in the back seats. Two possible options I found are below. Basically I need the box to fit where one of the back seats usually are. I plan on flipping the seat up when I have the sub installed. Because of that my space constraint on the box size is about 14"X13" as a base, and the height doesnt matter a ton. Im not building a custom box so this means 0.7-1cuft is just about all im gonna get. I have seen a few 12" subs that can work here, but 10's have been more in my price range it looks like. Im leaning towards the below pioneer or dayton audio drivers (Skar also a possibility?). Im hoping to keep the driver under ~$70. Can stretch if theres really something worth it. But im not trying to rock the world here.

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