Moving/broken stuff inside my capacitor..

idan167 Recruit
Mar 29, 2019
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I understand, thank you all for clearing this out

audiobaun Veteran
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Jun 28, 2011
I guess the stuff i hear inside is probably the black material whatever is it, makes sense it really sounds like that (like plenty of sand inside), so do I really need to replace it tho?
Not all Caps are built the same

Deiimos Regular
Apr 27, 2021
As cheap as these things are, I'd just buy a new one if you think it is helping your system. My opinion is don't waste your time opening it up, if it is anything like that one linked in the above video, there is no fixing it even if you do open it.

As long as it is fully discharged, I don't think it would hurt cutting it open, but it must be fully discharged. I of course don't recommend it if you don't have experience doing such things. Rubber gloves, and care using tools is of course necessary, but why bother as cheap as these are.

The cap in that video sure does look like they skimped out, it doesn't have concrete, but might as well. 😂
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hispls Veteran
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Sep 10, 2009
it actually gives my sub more power and gives stable 14.4 power to my amp at any volume.
OK, so turn your music on at moderate listening level and unplug the battery/alternator and see how long that capacitor keeps things playing. Report back with the results.
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