Mitsubishi reverse camera adapter 10 pin

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I bought a 2023 Mitsubishi Strada, known in most parts of the world as a Triton. Although it's 2023 it hasn't changed for a few years and this head unit has been sold here for several years with it. Probably next year Mitsubishi will make an all new model. Anyway I bought a 3rd party head unit that came with a Mitsubishi wiring loom supposedly would suit Mitsubishi Triton. The grey reverse camera socket on the loom is 8 pin which as I understand it is quite common for Mitsubishis. However the cream color factory reverse cam plug is 10 pin. (See pic attached). I can't find anything much online about this plug or how to adapt it. I see on ebay various sellers are selling 10 pin plugs to RCA, which from the pics could plausibly be the same plug, however it's a male plug anyway, and I'd need a female socket to be of any use. Also I looked at the pinout on them, and it seemed different.

1. Is this plug familiar to anyone?
2. Anyone know of any adapters for it?
3. If I could somehow get the pins into the right holes, would it likely work?
4. If I can't buy a ready adapter, is there any procedure or parts that would allow me to construct one?

The other problem is there is a pink color USB cable, which is a larger size than will fit directly into the head unit.
1. Is this plug familiar to anyone?
2. Anyone know of any adapters for it?


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