1. JustaBowla

    Hot Cable

    I have installed an HO alternator and 2 XS power batteries under the hood. I have everything fused including the main power wire running to the main fuse block for the vehicle. This cable originally had a factory 140 amp fuse on it, so that is what I have on it as well. I have also upgraded it...
  2. X

    Mitsubishi reverse camera adapter 10 pin

    I bought a 2023 Mitsubishi Strada, known in most parts of the world as a Triton. Although it's 2023 it hasn't changed for a few years and this head unit has been sold here for several years with it. Probably next year Mitsubishi will make an all new model. Anyway I bought a 3rd party head unit...
  3. S

    TFT Monitor - how do you connect it?

    I recently bought a truck which came with a back up camera and monitor. Both were attached but wiring was not connected. I can't figure out how to connect the monitor. There is only one cable coming out of it. Is this cable some how supposed to be used for power and video in? Do I need some...
  4. heimsothe

    RCAs keep coming loose off Amp

    Hey everyone So I have my sub amplifier under my passenger seat and I am using the Knukonceptz bassik RCA cables running from my amp to my HU. About a month ago I started noticing that my subs weren't hitting as loud as they had been and should be hitting. I searched around and located the...
  5. S

    Fabled Cable

    Ayo mayn, I saw a used Sony Xplod sub (300 watts RMS) for $30 and decided to buy it as a spare. The guy gave it to me with the speakers cables intact. When I got it home to hook it up for testing, I wondered if he was some kind of lunatic because this sub's speaker cables were massive, larger...
  6. caseymcc

    0/1 G Rockford Fosgate ANL fuse holder, 2 1/0 G 16 ft cables, 1 4 G 25ft power cable

    Item(s) for Sale: One Rockford Fosgate 1/0 GA ANL fuse holder with 300 amp fuse Pair of 0/1GA power cables, each 16ft, One 4GA power cable, 25ft with terminals Item(s) Description/Condition: Smoked frost plastic cover, all black housing, rings for 4 gauge downsizing, never used, flawless...