Mid bass and tweeter upgrade


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Jul 7, 2019

Vehicle: BMW 3ser E46 Coupe 2003

I'm complete rookie when it comes to car audio. I just got DD512 400w RMS sub and I'm about to replace it with my current Alpine sub ~250w RMS.
I already felt with Alpine sub that my mids and highs are a bit lacking. Vehicle probably still has stock factory speakers in. I'm looking towards upgrading mids and tweeters. Not going for anything fancy but just an upgrade.
First off I wanna upgrade my door speakers (2doors) mids and tweeters. I'm limited to 6,5"(16,5cm) and about 2" (5cm) depth for mid bass and 1"(2,54cm) diameter and 0,5"(1,27cm) depth for tweeters. I don't wanna start reconstructing my door and I wanna keep it looking stock externally.
So I found a set of component speakers: Rockford Fosgate P165-S that match my size limitations and are in my price range.

Since those speakers can handle 60W rms and my Alpine UTE-72BT head unit can produce 50W MAX(unknown rms) I'm thinking that those Rockfords are overkill and I will need a separate amp to power them?? OEM speakers are 2ohm rating and those are 4ohm. Should I look for something less powerful and cheaper instead if I don't want extra amp?

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