Looking for an quality installer North/Central NJ


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Hi everyone. I'm looking for a qualified installer to install the following items in my 2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X.

1x pair Alpine SPR-17S

1x pair Alpine SPR-17C

1x Tsunami 2 Farad Capacitor

1x Alpine V-Power MRP-M500

1x Alpine V-Power MRP-F300

1x Bazooka BT1014 tube.

Granted it isn't the best system, however I needed something to get me over the stock setup in a hurry. I'm looking to keep the original head unit for now, which is equipped with Navigation. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I do not mind paying extra for attention to detail and quality workmanship. I am typically available on weekends.




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Jul 28, 2010
North Jersey
Did you buy a line out converter? You will need something like that to keep the stock Navi. And what about all the wiring? (power wire, speaker wire, RCA cables...etc.) Im in Teaneck, but I honestly dont know if I could get around to even do this. Got alot of things going on right now. If you want, theres a few other installers on here....just check out the posts below this one.

Also, if you have the receipt for the capacitor....I would return it.


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