Just a few sub recommendations and box questions


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Mar 17, 2019
Number of subs preferred: 1

Size preferred (if configuration allows): 12”

Budget: Best bang for buck but say up to $200-$300 if required

Power to be used (which amp(s), include which resistance): Pioneer GM D9604  https://pioneer-mea.com/en/products/gm-d9604/

Space available (take measurements, do not guess): As little as possible! Please see more below

Goals: Good blend of loud thumping bass and decent SQ

Listening habits: Mostly house music and rap music

Preferred brands/subs/whatever: Open to ideas however I had been looking at the following so far (for no real reason aside from online reviewes) Rokford Rosgate P3D4 and the Focal P30F




Now, I have the following questions..

1.    Are both of these good matches for the amp using channel 3&4 bridged to power the sub?

[SIZE=11pt]2.       [/SIZE]With regards to the enclosure, I’ll be getting someone else to build it, but how does it work?

[SIZE=11pt]a.       [/SIZE]Both online spec sheets say I’ll need around 29/30L, is that pretty much it, or can someone using software determine what size it really needs to be?  (Ideally I’d like it to take up less room if possible)

[SIZE=11pt]b.      [/SIZE]I’ve heard of ppl using software which then says that the ideal size would be say 15L as an example.  Why would software say that when the spec sheet says 29/30L for a sealed enclosure?

[SIZE=11pt]3.       [/SIZE]Any other recommendations that are better suited to the amp that are worth considering?

Thank you all!



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Mar 17, 2016
1) you need to get a dual 2 ohm or single 4 ohm sub to run on that amp correctly since it wants a 4 ohm load. 

2) Yes there is enclosure design software out there. Generally speaking though the enclosure tend to be larger when using that software. the manufacturers will suggest enclosures that satisfy the majority of the people looking to purchase their gear. Which for a lot of them smaller is better.



Jan 8, 2017
we usually overpower subs because of box rise.. to most of us 2 channels of that amp wouldn't be enough power for a 12 but yeah it'll work.. like he said if u bridge 2 channels u need either a d2 sub or single vc


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