1. S

    2010 Lincoln MKX Crossovers?

    Good Morning everyone, I have a 2010 Lincoln MKX with the factory THX audio and factory amplifier. My front doors are factory component speakers and I am replacing them with Morel Tempo Ultra 572 component speakers. In the door, there are no factory crossovers, but I do believe that the amp is...
  2. C

    Factory Radio Subs

    Hello any help thanks in advance 2007 Toyota camry looking to hook subs to the factory radio. Any ideas of the best way to do it? thanks for any help
  3. Z

    Replacing Car Stereo Advice and Thoughts for a NOOB

    So I have a 2010 Mazda 3 and my panel quit working. I hit the buttons and no CD, no volume change, no Aux... nada I'm going to try and switch out a plug or two and see if it helps, but most likely am going to need a new stereo. Mazda dealer said it would be around $700... so I'm looking to get...
  4. P

    2017 Ford Focus Factory Amp?

    I have a 2017 Ford Focus without Sony Audio and with 4 speakers. Does anyone know the power of the factory head unit’s amp? I cannot find any information about the head unit online or in the owners manual.
  5. B

    Install a '98 Toyota Sienna Factory Amp in an '86 Ford Bronco II

    Hi all, I recently acquired a factory amp from a '98 Toyota Sienna (For Free ), and I figured (I live on a super tight budget) that I would just rig this into my system so my speakers would function as well as they can. Let me give you some background, I have all brand new speakers in my vehicle...
  6. D

    All stock-----LOOKING

    Heres what i wish to accomplish, please tell me if it is possible. I have a 96 Deville, in minty nick. The car has the base sound system (no bose, no amp, no cd) I wish to install a remote 6 disc changer with remote control, want volume/power/tuner to be taken care of by STOCK head unit...
  7. B

    Factory GM GPS flatscreen Headunit

    If anyone has one of the flat factory headunits that I think are used for GPS for sale I'd like to buy it. I have the stock one with cassette player in it and I'd like the other, and to still be able to use the controls on my steering wheel. Post pics and price.
  8. matt_bennett05

    02 GMC Yukon Factory Front Speaker Grills

    As title states, I am looking for factory front left/right grills for my truck... Come to find out I cannot find them anywhere without buying the entire front interior skins...UNLESS SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW AND HAS A LINK TO THEM!!! Color does not matter. at least 90% mounting...
  9. S

    Trying to figure out how to hook up new h/u to my factory bose. Got all the specs

    Alright I drive a 1991 Acura Legend LS with a broken h/u. It is equipped with a bose headunit, 80x4W Peak Power Bose Amp(made by kicker) behind the rear seat, 6.75 front speakers, and 6x9 rear speakers. The speakers function at a 2 ohm load per channel. This is the H/U I plan on buying...not...