How much air space should my sub have and and what level should i have the port tuned to for deep bass you can feel in your chest and stomach


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So I just bought a pioneer tda-2500ls4 10 inch subwoofer. It's a shallow mount sub and I have heard that they are pretty awesome for what they are. The shop by my house is going to make me a custom ported shallow Down-firing sub box. I just have to tell him the internal air volume I want and what I want the port tuned too. So the subs specs say that a .7 cubic foot box is recommended. What I need to know is should I listen and make the box to the recommended spec? Or can I go a lil bigger for more bass? I want theblil shallow sub to pound as hard as a lil shallow sub can possibly pound..... without blowing lol. And for the port, he said because I requested a down-firing box he recommended I have him put 2-4 bass tunes and I think I'm going to go with 4, 2 on each of the sides of the box. He said that it will help kinda shoot sound in more directions and make it a little more clear that way and I'll still get the deep bass from the down firing sub that I'm looking for. I just need to tell him what I want it tuned to. So the subwoofers hz frequency range Is 20hz-900hz. I don't really know much about this port size and tuning stuff. So if I have him tune it to 39hz , that means it will only play frequency's up to 39hz right? So my interior speakers I had put in a while ago are Pioneer TS-A1300c 5-1/4 component speakers and I have 1 set in the front door and one set in the rear deck and those tweeters I have in the back door. The frequency range on those are 42hz-38,000hz. So should I have the box tuned to like 40hz or something? I'm hoping I can tune it a little lower than that to get more bass out of the lil 10!

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Pioneer occasionally makes good subs. This isn't really one of the those occasions. I'd go more like 1.5cuft for ported, but that sub really doesn't scream ported to me. I'd probably tune to ~35hz in hopes of getting some low end response out of it. I'd probably go with a single port. I don't see how 2-4 "tunes" (I assume those are ports) will improve dispersion of sub bass frequencies and could lead to cancellation issues. 2-4 "tunes" makes the enclosure more complicated than necessary for modest subwoofer. The car makes a big difference on how you might orient the port. I assume there is some sort of space restriction and in those cases you just have to do whatever you can do.


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