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Hey guys

Lets start off with I'm currently in Iraq doing some "stuff' over here so I cant be at home to see or hear any equipment so I'm going to need some help.

I'm building a Pro-touring 1967 Chevy C10 .And I'm putting together some good SQ stereo equipment but there are a few parts I'm undecided on. Here is what I have already purchased so far .

McIntosh MX406 head unit (NOS)

McIntosh MCC204 amp (NOS).

McIntosh MC425 amp (NOS)

Image Dynamics XS65

Image Dynamics XS69

I plan on using the MCC204 and the XS65's (fronts) and the XS69's for my rears

I plan on using my MC425 on my sub or subs.

What I'm looking for is ideas on the Sub .I will need it to work with my current amp (MC425)

also it will have to fit in a very limited space and to be a total SQ product (not SPL) that will bring a low end to my music that I feel will be missing .As for me the music I listen to is on more on the instrumental / vocal side IE Dave Mathews ,Beatles classic rock and some jazz .

Again I already own all the above equipment and don't want to replace it with other stuff .

Any help would be great

I suggest consulting with your installer and browsing the subwoofer classifieds if you want something old and special. There are many great sounding subwoofers to consider, both new and second hand. If you want something that's visually understated but an outstandingly clean sub I suggest Audiofrog GB10 or GB12. Audiomobile is also well worth a look and they specialize in very small enclosure applications.

I think you'd have better luck getting help over on diymobileaudio forums. That's the sq crowd.
After spending some time on DIYMA there are only a few that know what they are talking about. Most just repeat everything. One likes to just reply with a page full of gibberish. They argue about random BS just like we do here.

Yes it is SQ focused but there is just as much here and you have less off topic useless info on a SQ thread here.

Thanks I have a home in Inverness, what would a DSP do or me?
Not far from Orlando. Check out Octave, very nice shop that does very nice SQ work

A DSP will give you time alignment, level adjustment, EQ per channel.

Everything you need for a SQ setup.

I will call them up.I was looking at some of the Jl (12TW3-D4 )products but not sure if they will get me what I'm looking for. They are small though

Good luck getting them to pick up. It's more of a appointment only place. Leave a voice mail.

That sub is fine but you don't have much power. Give it airspace to make up for it. If you can go ported it will really increase your output.

I suggest also contacting Audio Designs and Custom Graphics in Jacksonville. 904-333-2322

Even though it's a longer drive from Inverness, for a build like this it can't hurt to talk to someone there since they're a very high quality shop as well.

I will call them up.I was looking at some of the Jl (12TW3-D4 )products but not sure if they will get me what I'm looking for. They are small though
The JL isn't terrible but, if you can go a little larger than compact sub sizes you will be much happier. If you don't have a lot of space you can always compensate a little with some poly in the box. As was said too I would definitely go with a nice processor. T/A does a lot to a system if it is done right.

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Similar threads I'd look here instead of entry level from those brands. I've been running cdt HD series components...
I also just checked the voltage and the voltage on the amp in 12.85 and the rest of my stuff like my lc2i and remote out wire is 12.10. could that...
The cutting it off part is what I'm confused about now. The speakers in my car have two wires coming off of them but I would only have one wire on...

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