help with decision 10's or 8's

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Mar 19, 2019
Every time I think I have a decision made on what option to go with I question my decision. So I am here to ask people with better knowledge than myself to give me some direction.

The car they will be going in 2012 mustang
I want to face the subs forward , the back seats will be folded down 90% of the time, I also plan on using them walled off and sealed from the trunk I want to build an amp rack in the back for the multiple amps , dsp ect that will be used.

outside enclosure measurements
34 inches wide
11 inches tall
17 inches depth

amplifier is a us acoustics mike 1500w at 1 ohm or 1000w at 2 ohm

type of music, Rock music the majority of the time

price for the subs I would like to stay around $450

The options I have looked at

option 1
using two Dayton audio HO 10 inch. they are priced within budget, the amp has enough power to power two subs, Air space will not be an issue using a sealed enclosure. total cost on subs $305 for two of them
I would like to use Three of them but the amp I have will not put out the 1800 watts to use three of them

option 2
using three eight inch subs
thought about using American bass VFL 8's
amp has enough power to power three of them
If i run a ported box to I should have enough space to do all three subs
cost of the subs $330
I also would assume these three 8's ported will be a little louder than the two Daytons in a sealed enclosure

option 3
looked at using three SSA Demon 10 inch subs
amp should have enough power to run three of them
If using a sealed enclosure I should have enough space for three of them
Ssa has them for $156 each. A little over budget but not much.

I would assume this option would sound ok, but I also would assume the three 8's ported would be a little louder

option 4 what would you go with and why?
using the box measurements
budget of $450
amplifier 1,500 watts

1 two 10's ported
2 three 8's ported
3 two 10's sealed
4 three 10's seal

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Nov 5, 2019
I would do the 8s ported. I’m also building my system with the Dayton HO 10 in a 4th order bandpass. 2 of those sealed would be nice also. Hard decision.


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Aug 28, 2018
You might want to check these out. I'm pretty sure that you have the room for them. They would hit pretty hard paired with your amp. RMS is 450 watts each. 3-VFL's would be nice to.
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Sep 30, 2009
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1500w amp after impedance rise will be 800-1000w so you only need subs in the 400-500w rms range. Tons of choices there.

2 10s in a 4th order would work well for the space you have.
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