First System. Is this the best choice for me?

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Ok, so i had this big plan to do 2 dd 9512's. but i realized. that this is my first system and i need bass NOW... and im not rich lol. so im looking at cheaper options.

Id like to keep it under 250 per sub. i can do 300, but 250 would be nice.

I would like 2 12's ported.

Its going in a 2001 ford taurus.. so W=35'' D=28'' H=15"

It will most likely be sealed off, unless anyone thinks it wont make much of a difference.... my trunk is NOT sound deadened yet so.....

I was highly considering 2 sa-12's ported tuned between 28 and 34hz at about 3.2 cubes.

So. My question their a better possible option i could choose? considering the price of those sundowns is a great value for what they are.... or so ive heard.

Is their any better value than the Sundown Audio SA-12?

i can get 2 sa 12's for about 400 shipped... and i heard the skars were actually not that great? someone on here did a huge review of em. and Im not really looking at AQ because ive heard they dont go very well in the SQ department. im going for a 60/40 spl/sq kinda thing

woah, those exodus's look very good. right in my price range. and low Fs is always good in my book // how do you guys think i should do my box? i was thinking subs (2) and port to the side (aero) ...good?

Local guy has 2 in a 08 malibu running off an ap1800 and I was very impressed even with an amp that puts out a gobs of distortion the subs sounded very good and got very loud at the same time. As, far as port placement that all depends on what car, what your goals are, etc. How much power do you have?

goals? just like about 70% of the people with subs, i want something loud, but still sounds good... "musical" i guess you could say. Im in high school so impressing my friends is also a factor hahaha //

power wise, i dont have an amp as of right now, but a sundown 1500 should be good right?

I would go ported tuned around 30hz and if thats a saz-1500 for a pair then you should be good to go. The shvias are a great mix between spl and sq and for the price they are something to look at. PM buck for a box design he only charges $1..

I have not had my hands on the older series so I cant say. But the new line does the power for sure but the plastic just kills it for me. I mean to some it might not matter but to me it just looks so cheap and flimsy..

when you say the new ones do rated.... are you talking about clean power? ive got a hifonics 100.4 on my speakers. it ***** lol, it starts clipping at about 45 watts haha. but ive heard that MB quart is Maxxsonics best

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