ford taurus

  1. C

    Headunit install on a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan.

    Huzzah! I have a new car! A really fast car, with a super beefy alternator designed for installing all sorts of stuff that runs on electricity ! Bummer it ***** for sound. For those of you not in the know, the PI Sedan is a suped up Taurus, and much of the mods that can be done to it are...
  2. stevknd2

    Wire lengths for big 3?

    I have a 2000 Ford Taurus and I am hesitant to remove the wires to measure them. Has anyone given this same car an upgrade before, and if so could I have the measurements??? I need Alt+ to Bat+, Bat- to frame, and Engine Block to frame. Thank you in advance!
  3. USAFbro

    First System. Is this the best choice for me?

    Ok, so i had this big plan to do 2 dd 9512's. but i realized. that this is my first system and i need bass NOW... and im not rich lol. so im looking at cheaper options. Id like to keep it under 250 per sub. i can do 300, but 250 would be nice. I would like 2 12's ported. Its going in a 2001...
  4. Mhmm, Sexy!

    Mhmm, Sexy!

    The new wiring harness with my Pioneer Premier DEH-P390MP put in.
  5. Wiring Mess Up Front

    Wiring Mess Up Front

    My friend Adam connecting all the controls (vent speed, vent type, temperature and defroster) from the new wiring hardness to the existing connecitons. (That's his g/f's Smirnoff).
  6. Two Different Speakers!? (Continued)

    Two Different Speakers!? (Continued)

    The back of the different speakers.
  7. Two Different Stock Speakers!?

    Two Different Stock Speakers!?

    Took out the front two stock speakers to look at them. Two diferent brands!
  8. Wiring Mess

    Wiring Mess

    The stock stereo hooked up to that control box which is located underneither the carpet in the trunk. I started to run all the new wires from there through the trunk.
  9. Stock Radio

    Stock Radio

    This is what the stereo looked like stock.