12 inch

  1. Gunslinger 1845

    Truck (Rear Seat, Limited Space)Subwoofer Options?

    Hey y'all, just signed up today so I'm new here but not all that new to car audio. Hope y'all are all safe during this crap going around. Anyways onto why I created an account here in the first place. I have an 05 Silverado with the Ultra Deep Maxx box from Subthump. I have two old as hell JL...
  2. Blake Vandercar

    Subwoofer dilemma - 12" sundown doesn't go high enough, 10" kickers don't go low enough, what next?

    I had a 12" Sundown SA-12 . Now have 2 Kicker CompRs. Both times, in sealed boxes. Of course, all forums say that Sundowns are always better than Kickers. However, I now like the 10" kickers much better due to having a much wider frequency range (30-500 Hz) whereas the Sundown really failed...
  3. P

    Dual Skar SDR 12s vs 15s

    I’m looking into getting the Skar audio dual 12s 2400 watt or the dual 15s 2400. Considering that they will be ran on the same amp at the same wattage. Which would give me more bass? Since the 15s are more expensive, I could just get the 15s with door speakers or I could get the 12s and door...
  4. Window Flex

    Larger system on stock battery and alt?

    Hello everyone, this is my inaugural post so before I get to the topic at hand I would like to extend a warm hello to all the established members in this community! What I am wondering is what are the chances of me being able to run 4 kicker comp 12's with 2 1,000 watt amps on the stock alt and...
  5. S

    12 Inch JL Sub-300 Watts

    This is my first car, and my first sysytem ive ever put in. I have a 12" JL Sub 300 Watts and am not sure what box and amp to go with? I got the amp for free from a friend, its brand new. I'm trying to stay as cheap as possible, but i do understand that to cheap just wont cut it. Any suggestions??
  6. S

    subs aren't hitting as hard as they should

    just installed the following into a 1996 ford econoline e350: sony xplod cdx-gt55uiw head unit Kenwood KAC-9105D 1800-Watt Class D Mono Amplifier 2- 12" rockford fosgate punch he2 (500 watt max) in a non ported truck box (space in the van is limited) ...wired the amp with a fierce audio 4...
  7. USAFbro

    First System. Is this the best choice for me?

    Ok, so i had this big plan to do 2 dd 9512's. but i realized. that this is my first system and i need bass NOW... and im not rich lol. so im looking at cheaper options. Id like to keep it under 250 per sub. i can do 300, but 250 would be nice. I would like 2 12's ported. Its going in a 2001...
  8. bass maniak

    WTB: Solo X 12s / l5s 12s / l7 12s

    Like the title says im looking for some solo x 12s, just the basket & motor assembly will do but willing to buy the whole thing if the coils / cone is in good shape. I would prefer dual 2 ohm but let me know what you have & price shipped to canada via usps. Would consider other coil...
  9. D

    Subs subs sub

    PLEASE HELP ME OUT.I have a 2003 camry. I need trunk space so i was thinking doing 1 12 inch sub. People have been telling me the candence 12 zrs, audioque SD 2.5 12 inch, rockford fosgate punch p3. I feel you know the best sub. Im really looking for that rocking of my car. It would really be so...
  10. harshglare

    Three Way 12 inch Beatdown!

    Review of Subwoofer or Speaker: CVR12 vs AW1200Q vs 12W1v2-4 Ever wonder how your old school subs stack up to a newer one? Here is a real world test of three subs put in the exact same box run by the exact same amp and head unit. The two boxes are sealed and are about 1.60 ft3 with out the...
  11. L

    Have a few questions on designing my first box

    So im buying 3 12inch subs and this is my first time buying them that arnt already in a box and having to build my own. After reading the sealed vs ported thread im deciding to go with a sealed design. The subs are Boss P126DVC http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_23654_Boss+P126DVC.html It...
  12. Digital Designs 91K 12"

    Digital Designs 91K 12"

    BEFORE of my DD 91k. pics after recone will be posted when i get it back from DD.
  13. SUb enclosure with two 12 inchers!

    SUb enclosure with two 12 inchers!

    I finally took a photo of the box filled with subs. The box takes up some space but full sized adults can sit in the back seat comfortably!
  14. Angle photo of slotted port

    Angle photo of slotted port

    Finished enclosure
  15. Carpeted Sub box

    Carpeted Sub box

    two 12 inch holes ready for my Orion subs!
  16. SUb enclosure build

    SUb enclosure build

    Just carpeting the box!