1. T

    hard wire a sterio 2001 ford focus

    i have a ford focus just purchased an someone cut the factory harness from the stereo system an i need help hard wiring in a new aftermarket radio can anyone give me step by step instructions on doing this???
  2. USAFbro

    First System. Is this the best choice for me?

    Ok, so i had this big plan to do 2 dd 9512's. but i realized. that this is my first system and i need bass NOW... and im not rich lol. so im looking at cheaper options. Id like to keep it under 250 per sub. i can do 300, but 250 would be nice. I would like 2 12's ported. Its going in a 2001...
  3. I

    pls help

    hello....i have 2 12' Kenwood's (KFC Model),and a 1000 watt amp (Autotek AT1000model) i have a sony head unit and i think everything is wired right. My problem is that i think it should be ALOT!! louder then it is. I dont have the subs in an actual box they are sitting where my T-Tops should be...
  4. Soon to be replaced Alpine F#1

    Soon to be replaced Alpine F#1

    Head units for dvd, surround and cd's.
  5. Looking Through

    Looking Through

  6. My Truck

    My Truck