Dumb gain setting questions


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Apr 13, 2018
Will gains need to be adjusted differently for different speakers on the same amp? Example replace current tweeters with new supposedly better ones. When turning the volume up they sound worse. Take tuning out of the equation I thought a better speaker, more power handling capacity and higher efficiency, would need more gain not less. What am I missing? Also I figured adjustments would be necessary just trying to learn something here. Thanks.


Jun 8, 2018
Saint Marys, GA
Different speakers same amp = different gain settings.

Higher power handling doesn't necessarily mean "better speaker" and the same goes the other way.
Efficiencies and materials of the speaker will be priority.


Tweeter #1 - 150w rms 82db 1.1" soft dome

Tweeter #2 - 75w rms 96db 1.1" soft dome

#2 is more efficient with less power and if the same "75w" is given to both speakers, #2 will be louder.

Better sound... well, materials and placement as well as crossover frequency would be the focus here. Is the material different than the speakers being replaced? If so, you may prefer to stay with similar materials if that's what your ear likes... it IS all about what sounds good to YOU.


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Apr 13, 2018
Thanks that makes sense. Most certain they are different materials but I will play with the tuning ect to see what happens. Thanks for the info.
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