Car stereo shuts off when I turn up volume

Bigbee246 Newbie
Dec 28, 2018
Ever since I got my Sony headunit which has a built in 45w amp I have been having problems with it shutting off when I crank up the volume to around 45-50 (50 is the max volume) and the bass hits. I have replaced my battery, alternator, checked my ground, and it still does it. I did however find out that if I disconnect one of my rear speakers it does not do it. It doesn’t matter if i disconnect the rear left or rear right, but it does seem to solve the problem. I’m thinking that having all 4 connected just draws too much power out of the amp and it shuts off because it doesn’t have enough power. I am going to do the “big three” grounding mod soon to see if that helps any. Also my dome light dims really bad when the bass hits, even after replacing the alternator and battery and I even cleaned up the terminals and ground. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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