Best single DIN for streaming Plex

JerryLancaster Newbie
Mar 4, 2021
Hey y'all,

Sifting through the marketing BS is doing my nut!

I'm looking for a simple single DIN head unit with top tier sound quality.
I have an extensive FLAC library, many of which are 24bit, and I want something I can plug my iPhone into and get those high quality files to my amp.

Is the Pioneer DEH-80prs still the best bet?

The burr-brown DAC and 16band EQ/dsp sounds like me.

But it's quite old now, and hard to get hold of where I am. Apparently Covid has made getting stock very hard.
Also in the non-car-audio pro audio world, DAC quality gets exponentially better as time goes and for less $$$.

So could there be a newer, cheaper, easier to get hold of single DIN unit that could suit my needs?

Or should I just persevere on the quest for the 80prs?
I'm not concerned with on board amps or other bells and whistles.


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