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Been out of the car stereo world since 1998. But I used to be obsessed. Having kids changed that. Anyway I’m now 43 and bought a new Polaris turbo rzr. And wanna build a nice stereo for it. I’ve already bought all the equipment. It’s a little different world, but I still get to use JL equipment like I’ve always used.
Now my question. For the life of me, I’m having a hard time remembering amp setups. I’m running all JL class D amps. But they function the same. I’m still using a standard battery, distribution block, fuses, etc. now my question. I only have 1 set of outputs off the blue tooth controller. I am going to use splitters and to achieve 2 sets, but for the 4 channel amp I will be using for the 8” mid drivers and also 6.5” kick panels. How should I setup the amps for the filter mode. There is off/hp/lp. And then the filter frequency goes from 35-300 HZ. Can someone help me in setting this part up.


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Having actual model numbers would be helpful since each amp is unique. Check if the amp lets you run off just one 2CH input which would save you from using any splitters. For the HPF settings, it's based on the frequency response of the actual speakers being used, but you could just remove bass that the speakers are unlikely to reproduce anyway - so 40Hz or so, listen and adjust if the speakers tend to distort at your preferred volume.
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