Basic car wires vs. Speaker wires

mattyicicle Newbie
Oct 16, 2020
From amp to sub;
Gauge 10 basic wires (several color options) are in my hand.
Speaker wires are not.
Big difference? Plus, isn't bigger the better? What is equation used to find perfect sized wire?

Sierra Nate

May 23, 2017
Reno, NV
gauge is one element. Bigger being better? Not always. Depends on the install. If space is limited then going bigger for the sake of being bigger may not be optimal since any size over what the current needs is just wasted space.

Another important element is the flexibility fo the wire. Case in point, I recently used HVAC thermostat wire to run speaker level taps. It took me all day just to solder the wire ends because the wire had zero flexibility. Could not twist the ends together to prep for the soldering. What a waste of valuable Time.

And then there's the wire material. Copper clad? Aluminum? CCA? All the materials have different resistance levels.

Will it sound amazing when you get it done? Maybe...probably...who knows?

A.loty of money is wasted by audiophiles on wire. I'll give you that. Most of the arguments I see for expensive purpose built labeling comes down to this: If you're going to put $1,000sss of dollars into your equipment, don't skimp on the wire. But one of that makes any sense according to ohms law.

I say make do with what you have as long as there is space and the wires can be easily connected to whatever you're connecting them to.

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