Amp and Subwoofer Ohm

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Jul 1, 2020
Hello, everyone.

I recently bought the MTX Terminators 12 ( 1000 watt) vented enclourse and also bought the MTX Thunder 1000.1 AMP. What Im wondering is there anyway without burning out my speakers to get the full 1000 watts from AMP to subs? The sub enclosure is wired to 2 Ohms with one output in back and dont think it can be wired to 1 Ohm. The AMP is rated 1000 watts at 1 Ohm and 600 watts at 2 Ohm. Would there be a big difference in bass going from 600 to 1000? Thanks for any answers.


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May 22, 2013
Pharr, Texas
MTX Terminators 12 ( 1000 watt) vented enclourse
I believe those subs are single 4ohm each. Best bet is to change subs or amp. As for a noticable difference in output, no. I have noticed that 600 to 1000 watts rns sound pretty much the same. At high volume the is a minute difference that imo pretty much does nothing to write home about.

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