American Bass vs DB18

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When I had my little car audio shops in OR and WA I sold a lot of smaller brands ( less known). My first shop was started on a very small piggy bank and grew slow but had a great fallowing. In 30 miles I had 11 shops to sell agent.... All the big names were already locked in with other shops and they still protected dealers. I had to get creative and sell other brands. I brought Powerbass into the northwest. Sold companies like RE Audio, DD and few other things that were known in the BASS world. I did have lots of othet brands that were over looked but were still profitable and solid for the money, and we were the BIGGEST BOOM for the buck shop.

In AR I ran and sold ( on the side- no retail shop ) ED and Audiopipe and some smaller stuff. I did see guys with American Bass, but not hitting hard #'s. That was in part to the installs and the smaller pocket books. I have been getting some samples in from both DS18 and AB. Love to see what you guys have to say about current products not old stuff with $4$ in mind. $300 10 d2 v $300 10 d2. This can be on amps too.

I am pulling my audio pipe amps and mids and will start a side biz again doing boxes and selling audio. Might even do some home audio speakers as house brand.

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