6-channel receiver setup w/ 2 amps


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Nov 13, 2020
New Haven CT
Hey everyone, thanks for checking out this thread.

I am setting up a Honda Fit and want to use an aftermarket receiver to power my 4x door speakers + 2x tweeters for the highs/some mids
I want to also setup a Class D 4-Channel Car Amplifier for mids/some lows, and an Active Powered Spare Tire Sub for the lows.

Any tips or advice? I've attached an image schematic what I'm planning

Thanks again!



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Jan 1, 2021
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First off you need to get an aftermarket HU that has front, rear and sub outputs. This will eliminate your splitters
If you want to get highs, mids and lows from the door speakers then you need to add an active crossover before the 4 channel amp.
Use the 4 channel amp to run the front sound stage
You also might want to look into sound deadener for the doors.
You should run at least 4 gauge power wire from the batter to a splitter in the back then, depending on the amp/s you install you can run 8 gauge to the amp and crossover . There also needs to be a fuse at the battery.
I don't recommend the spare tire active sub but if your looking to save space/money then I get it
If not you should add a sub and amp in a proper box


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Aug 12, 2008
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I agree with the post above and also recommend doin a good amount of research and rethinking your whole plan before you waste a bunch of money....your in way over your head going active


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Nov 13, 2020
New Haven CT
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Awesome thanks for your replies.

I'm looking at something like the Pioneer DMH-220EX.
My main question is ---- can I use the 6x RCA outputs for the 4-channel amp + powered sub,
and then still use the HU speaker outputs to power the door speakers?
Or does the RCA somehow negate that within the HU?

Thanks again



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Mar 27, 2019
Yes you can do that. I am going to be changing mine up to the head unit running the rear doors only while using a 4 channel amp for my tweeters on 1 & 2 with the mid bass on 3 & 4 and the sub channel for the sub amplifier. IT doesn't negate anything however some Pioneer has a setting where you can shut the internal amp on or off it comes on by default iirc. So make sure you check that when setting it up. Also make sure you cap the speaker wires you do NOT use so they can't arc off of anything or ground out or cause something to start a fire.

You want the rear fill to be on the head unit power and the rest in front on the amplifiers.


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Nov 13, 2020
New Haven CT
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Cool!! Thanks this is just what I wasn't sure about, so i'll have to double check the HU owner manual and see what settings are default. I'll be using all available HU outputs, and then the rest will go on the 4-channel.

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