53 years young


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Oct 19, 2018
Central Massachusetts
Hi kids!

I’m a 53 yo engineer from MA. Used to do all my own systems years ago, but got lazy and stuck with factory stuff for the last couple of cars. I love my new (to me) Ram 1500 quad cab though, and it only came with the base model stereo. Time to upgrade, because I’ll drive this truck ‘til it just plain gives up.

I live all kinds of music and love to hear new ideas and new artists. I play guitar and bass and love hearing bands that cross genres. Blues, rock, jazz, and the stuff that defies categorization all works for me. As long as the musicians bring something to the table, aka real writing, singing etc. 

I started a log on the upgrades and will keep it up until it’s done.



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Sep 10, 2009
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Welcome aboard.  I don't think you're the oldest member here nor are you much older than a few regulars.

Not sure what we'll have in the northeast next year for shows, there's a guy from Peabody that had been running most of them who is finally getting out of judging (supposedly).   We should still have a few in Hyannis and some in Sanford, Maine, but it might be thin unless someone else picks up the torch.  

There's a pretty decent group of guys in this area in the hobby, get your shit together over the winter and get out to some shows next year to meet some new friends.