2011 Fiesta (47k miles) Sync 1 to Sync 3


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Hi crew! I’m reaching out for some help. I have a 2011 Fiesta SES and have all the parts needed for a conversion to Sync 3 except the harness. I‘ve looked for pin out guides and found a few but some have seemingly conflicting info. Can anyone help?

Here are some of the resources I’m using to make a harness:
  1. This great guide on mapping a harness and/or swapping pins: Guide: Upgrade Sync 1 to Sync 2/3
  2. This info on the Sync 1 pins: Ford (2013-2016) Sync 1/2 APIM module pinout diagram @ pinoutguide.com
  3. This general pin out map with info about the fdcim pins: NAVIGATION – Ford Fiesta SES 2011 – SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAMS – Wiring diagrams for cars
  4. And this Sync 3 pin out guide, but it has two pin diagrams. Which version does the Fiesta 6.5” Sync 3 (2016) have? The one with or without Sony and DSP? Ford (2015-2020) Sync 3 APIM module pinout diagram @ pinoutguide.com
I’m also curious what are the minimum pins I must connect to check if the Sync 3 module/screen still works. I would think the 12v bat, ground, and some of the cans (maybe ms cans from fdcim port to the proper Sync 3 pins??) to communicate and hear from the car that it should turn on.

Thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide!
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