1. Ken Trulsen

    2006 Pontiac Pursiut

    I I am trying to install a stereo in a 2006 Pontiac Pursuit I was told that I needed the $200 wire harness to connect to stereo or I could harm the PCM is this true or can I bypass the original stereo functions and be ok thanks 
  2. C

    04 Silverado Not the Right Harness???

    I can’t figure out if I have the right wiring harness or not. My harness doesn’t have the 2 orange wires and most of the wires don’t even connect to anything on other side. Like the wires are not even connected. I can’t not find any other harness that has orange wires Item(s)...
  3. Ryan6700

    2011 V6 Mustang Wiring Harness?

    Hello! Long story short I need a wiring harness for my Mustang so I can install a new stereo. I've seen so many that retain SYNC features and steering wheel controls.. I know mine has none of that xD As far as I know the only thing I need is to be able to hook up a new aftermarket stereo with...
  4. J

    Wiring harness, Speakers and Headunit.

    Hey guys, I want to re-wire my car, since the last owner made a total mess of it. I found a brand new 200ft spool of speaker wire in my shop. Could i run speaker wire from the headunit directly to the speaker? (without using the factory speaker harness). The speaker harnesses are like 15$ each...
  5. M

    Wiring 6 Wire Harness to 8 Wire Harness

    Hello All, Im replacing the old Maxxima AM/FM Cassette player in my boat with a new Sony CD player. The Sony has 8 speaker wires while the old Maxxima only has 6. How do I wire the harnesses together? I have attached a picture of the wiring diagrams of each unit. Thanks for any advice in...
  6. A

    ISO Wiring Harness Adaptors Help!

    I need help to find the correct wiring harness so I can connect my new stereo. I bought a standard Toyota adapter but it didn't fit as the previous owner has done some DIY on the stereo connectors. He's a picture of the current connector: It has the letters "JAM SCb >PBT
  7. N


    $80.00 OBO Compatibility Notes * Does not retain OnStar. Product Description * Facilitates replacement of a factory radio while retaining all factory safety warning chimes and audible turn signal indicators. Compatible with amplified and non-amplified audio systems. Product Features *...