Problems with wiring harness HELP PLEASE!

WilliamK#24 Newbie
I have an 02 Saturn SL2 and I'm hooking up an aftermarket stereo. I have the Metra 70-2002 harness. I noticed that one of the pins on the Saturn harness has a pin labeled low speed GMLAN serial data. Now will disconnecting that harness from the factory stereo affect anything major?
Based off GM pickups of the same year (and that was GM), It SHOULD just be for the vehicle sounds that play through your stereo, such as the door chimes, and possibly alarm, don't recall what else, (but stuff you can turn off anyways). If you wanted to keep it, there is a module you would need to buy to connect inline to keep those noises going through your new head unit. You can always add it down the road if you are mid-install.
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