1. big scott

    a 2ch amp for 18' of knu ofc 1/0 wire

    i have a nice Sound Ordnance 2ch ( 75rms x 2 ) amp or 200rms x 1 at 4 ohms. need about 18' of red knu ofc 1/0 wire. Sound Ordnance™ M-2100 2-channel car amplifier — 75 watts RMS x 2 at Crutchfield.com can get a pic with name if you want. i just need some.. knu Kolossus Fleks Kable 1/0 Red...
  2. Crownvicon28s

    Banda 7k 1 ohm for 2 ohm or Taramps 8k 2 ohm

    Looking to trade Banda 7k 1 ohm version for 2 ohm version or Taramps 8k 2 ohm version
  3. M

    FI SSD 10" Fully Loaded. Need nice sub amp 1k-2k rms

    bought a sundown act 2000 today please delete
  4. AnthonyO

    Rockford Fosgate Punch HX2

    Old school Rockford Fosgate HX2 RFD2212 Dual 4ohm 3" Voice Coil This sub is blown and will need recone I have checked with SPLAudio and PSi and average to recone this 12 and utilize the factory dustcap is around $120-130. I had plans to redo this sub just to play around with. But I just won't...
  5. terryracing86

    sa8 v1d2 for 10" shallow sub

    Used for 3 mths then sold vehicle. Like new sa8 v1d2. Looking for a decent 10" shallow sub to trade for.
  6. AnthonyO

    Soundqubed HDS315

    I have a Soundqubed HDS315 that is 2 weeks old. Looking to trade for: 2 8" Subs Or 1 ****** 10 I will ship in OG box
  7. K

    Zv4, AA mayhem, blown sundown 2k

    Hey guys, Looking to trade my sundown zv4, mayhem and blown Sundown 2k. The zv4 has charred leads and needs a recone, also small chips in the motor works fine however. The mayhem coils are not reading properly and probably needs recone. Sundown 2000D is blown from pos/neg touching maybe...
  8. basswiigee

    Ipad 3 16gb wifi....

    been in a case its whole life with screen protector as well ... excellent condition with all original box and paperwork... plus has a hard body rubber wrapped case... kinda looking for amps 1000w plus... or beefy subs 12 and under... other electronics... idk toss some offers out...
  9. Ramrod

    Strobe Light Kit for Ring Terminals

    Want to Trade Un-used LEDGLOW Strobe Light kit with Extension wires for 1/0 Ring Terminals.. Here are Pictures of the Kit.. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/miscellaneous-classifieds/615244-fs-strobe-lights-ledglow-4-light-kit.html
  10. N

    Alpine M605 for 4 channel

    Decided to try and sell.

    2x HP 4520s laptops,Intel i3/i5, 8gb ram ea...

    Good morning, I have two HP Probook 4520s laptops that I'd like to trade off for something or some things. I'll get more pics later, my camera must have been smoking crack and half of them are blurry. One is: I3 processor 2gb ram right now, will upgrade to 8gb before it goes anywhere 300gb...
  12. bluelake08

    My end FOCAL krx3's 6.75' 3-way(mint,9.8/10)..your end Hertz legend ML1650.3+cash or-

    (THESE SPEAKERS HAVE FULL WARRANTY NEVER HAD TIME TO REGISTER THEM)I have a set of focal kRX3's 3-ways 6.75' edition .crossovers are huge.size of a small amp and have up to 160 possible configurations per crossover(never seen a crossover that acted like an active system with so many tuning...
  13. aliandjohn

    WTT 2 hifonics zeus zxi 60.4 +1k amps

    hi all i have 2 HIFONICS ZEUS ZXI60.4+1K 5 CHANNEL AMPS i like to trade for matching mono amps hmu in a email or text me at 614-312-1077 Specs are as follows: A/B Class 4-Channel Power Output •60 x 4 @ 4 ohms •120 x 4 @ 2 ohms •240 x 2 [bridged] @ 4 ohms D Class Mono Channel Power Output...
  14. I

    lanzar opti 3201d and ct sounds meso 15 d1

    want to trade a like new in box lanzar optidrive 3201d and a brand new in box ct sounds meso 15 d1 for a nice big mono
  15. D

    3 HD 12's for (1) 18"+ 4"coil

    I have (3) Tantric HD 12's to trade for (1) 18/21/24" with a 4"coil. They are in S Louisiana and I will ship for the right trade. The cash price is $300ea-$600pr-$800all pm or text Jared 985-687-5846 for pics
  16. Popwarhomie

    Blown DC lvl3 18" for wire

    http://www.caraudio.com/forums/subwoofer-classifieds/611651-dc-lvl-3-m2-18s-need-recones.html I have one left. Ill trade for OFC 1/0 , 2/0 or 3/0, 4/0 Welding cable. No other trades please. Build is done after re wiring. Keep in mind it cost me $52 to ship the last one.
  17. CerwinVega_Fan

    Blown 8k For working 5k plus

    1. Product: Very rare Proto 8k. Only 2 were made. 2. Specs: 8k and .5 stable 3. Description/Condition: It powers on and no sound. Nothing on the board is burned that i can see. No funky smells. Has a few scratches here and there. 4. What you are looking for: : Working 5k and up amp...
  18. cas0586

    Cadence A7+HC for SQ Q1-1200D

    Anyone want to swap their SQ Q1-1200D for my Cadence A7+HC?
  19. serjr711.

    4 crossfire xsv2 15's for 4 lvl6, or shd motors

    Or 4 team fi/aa with 15" baskets. Shd, lvl6 motors only. Asap. Crossfire subs are d.7 ohm.
  20. A

    Jbl bpx 2200.1

    Would like to trade my JBL BPX 2200.1 for Focal 100KRS 4" comp set or audison Bit One
  21. yroc434

    Hifonics BRX2000.1D

    WTT my Hifonics BRX2000.1D for Soundstream TA1 2000D. I have all Paperwork, Box, fuse, everything.... Amp is new CEA Compliant 2000rms x 1 @ 1 ohm 1400rms x 1 @ 2 ohms.....Amp works perfect and is in New condition ( b/c its new )
  22. jflash

    DD,JL,ED subs, type r components and custom enclosures.

    I am looking to trade all of this stuff if possible. I am looking for a sundown 10 or 12 , 1000w rms mono amp, small foot print 2 channel amp at least 50w rms for the front speakers. DD 1008a's. Single 4. They were ran off 800w rms. ED 7k v2 JL Audio 10w6 (Not Working. For parts)...
  23. X

    6.5 HAT Coax, Elemental Design Nine.1 & Nine.4, JL Audio Clean Sweep

    Looking for a double din for trade + cash. Everything is used, but in perfect working order.
  24. stevew007

    Sacramento trade pair of hdc3-15's for smaller subs

    I bought a pair of hdc3-15's last month used them at finals for 2 rounds with a clamped 3500 watts and now I want something that takes less cubic feet. Need 2-12's. 3-10's Needs to be a good trade no junk. These are copper dual1 ohm. [/url][/img]
  25. Silver-N-Black

    12" TC Sounds / Audiopulse Revo

    1. Product: 12" TC Sounds / Audiopulse Revo 2. Specs: 750-1000w will make it happy. Its a single 4 ohm lms voice coil, audiopulse revo motor with copper in the gap, and detachable top assembly. Top assembly consists of a single tc spider with woven lead, Oem tc terminals, audiopulse cone with...
  26. Giovanni15

    Looking to get Jordan or Lebron shoes size 10-11.

    I am looking to trade or even buy Jordan and Lebron shoes. I like any retro or OG jordans. On top of my list are 5s, 13s, 4s, 3s, 6s, 11s, 12s. will consider other models. Also lebrons 4s, 8s, 9s, 10s, and 11s. but again will consider other lebrons. I wear sizes 10-11 but if you have a pair of...
  27. dross93ranger

    Soundstream Picasso Nano PN1.650D for 10 or 12" Sub

    The buyer I had lined up for this amp backed out at last minute. I am looking to trade it for a 10 or 12" Subwoofer for my other car. I am open to any brand/rms rating. I tried to take pictures of any scratched or scuffs, the amp looks great in person and I loved it. It provided plenty of...
  28. bluelake08

    NIB JL C5-653 ordered direct from JL.for Focal or JL 10 or 12w7 AE( no box necessary.

    i have these same 3 ways in jeep and makes every song sound like it never has before.kurt mueller German design.(2) crisp but so nice and warm unlike most very high end tweeters that are very bright sounded harsh.(2) 4" mids (2) 6.5 mid bass (2) 3 way crossovers with many mid and tweeter adj.and...
  29. garretttt4

    Mmats juggernaut 12's

    have probably 5 hours of play time. One started getting a little coil rub out of nowhere. Still played when it started making noise so I just unhooked them and took them out. Been sitting in my back seat since. Carbon fiber caps, stiffer spider pack, d2. Aluminium coils. Want to trade for two...
  30. pimpinr

    DD 9512G D2 (Needs Recone)

    Open for trades. What do you have to offer. PM me.
  31. bluelake08

    my NIB JL Audio C5-653 3-way components

    trade for honda yammaha generator,hertz mille,things go bang(looking for a gift for retired marine father),very high quality 6.5 components +paypal,or 525.00 paypal,or maybe something i dont even know i want.they are NIB C5-653.i already have 2 other sets.maybe trade for a jl hd 900/5.ARC...
  32. bluelake08

    my NIB JL Audio C5-653 3-way components for honda or yamaha UI2000 invertor generator

    i have a brand new set of jl c5-653.looking for invertor generator.yamaha or Honda.maybe trade for hertz mille.maybe trade for something i dont know i want.
  33. Silver-N-Black

    TC Sounds/Audiopulse

    1. Product: 12" TC Sounds / Audiopulse Revo 2. Specs: 750-1000w will make it happy. Its a single 4 ohm lms voice coil, audiopulse revo motor with copper in the gap, and detachable top assembly. Top assembly consists of a single tc spider with woven lead, Oem tc terminals, audiopulse cone with...
  34. X

    Slash 500/5 & HAT Coax for Mono & 4/2 Channel

    Looking to trade my mint condition Jl Slash V1 500/5 for a 4/2 channel and matching mono block. Also have a pair Hybrid Audio Technology 6.5 Coax's I'd be willing to trade.
  35. S

    Memphis mojo 2500 and cash for sundown 5000

    Want to trade my Memphis mojo 2500 and some cash for a sundown 5000 2259334279
  36. Spike243

    Rockford T500.2 for Installation gear or 6.5 components

    Hi I'm looking to trade my T500.2 for some installation gear (0 gauge wire, speaker wire, rca's, ect.) or a nice set of 6.5 components. Even a nice head unit or 10" sub maybe. Just offer up anything really, the only thing I'm not interested in right now would be amplifiers. The case of the amp...
  37. G

    Few things I won't be using for stuff I could use

    Soundstream tra560.2 beast of an amp to run a set of comps or multiples. Some ridiculous .0012 rated distortion. Been told they were under rated but I don't believe this one has ever been powered up. Bought years ago. [email protected] I believe is its rated. Helix hxa600 mkiii 5 channel. Beautiful...
  38. B

    rockford fosgate bdcpt2500 in box new series ddm4 w7 13.5 power wedge box t2 15 d2

    i have a used rockford fosgate t2500 ill say it in fair condition just to be safe in my opinion it still looks great and i love it lol.. i also brand new ddm4 newest model. i am trying to trade for an amp that will run 3 fully loaded fi btl n2s with 2 250 mechmans 130 ft 0g knukonceptz (the ****...
  39. Drich79

    WTT Nice watch for amp

    Nice Fossil watch. Also will throw in a Craftsman multi tool that works great and has some extra attachments. Keeps time, has stop watch function, 165 feet water resistant. Looks and work great. Couple of very very light scratches on crystal. All functions and dials work as they should...