1. rfmayhem


    I want to sell or trade any of these amps for PlayStation 4 ,wii or 4K preferable Samsung DVD player ,but any 4K or blue ray is a plus too.. also consider other trades Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Brown1es

    4/0 copper lugs, 4/0 heat shrink, stinger reducers

    18 4/0 awg copper lugs 4/0 heat shrink black & red 4/0 dual ground 4/0 single ground 2/0 dual ground 2 2/0 single grounds 1/0 to 4 awg stinger brand reducers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Brown1es

    Mtx thunder 8000’s 12’s

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Brown1es


    2 12” mtx thunder 8000’s Svc 4 ohm Both coils read zero Took them on a trade Haven’t attempted to tear them apart Trade for Rockford fosgate HX2 subs parts motors baskets conceal rings Mono amps H/U 4v Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. W

    Sundown X10 D2 V2 for 6.5 component set

    Hopefully I can find someone local. I want some decent to good midbass. Will add cash if need be. sub is about 1yr and 3 months old. Took me about 6 -8 months to find a builder. Total play time is about 6 months given the time it took to build box. Lmk what you got and how old it is. [/ATTACH]
  6. Darth_Immitis

    FU 750v2 d2 15 trade for 4 channel min 100-125w per channel

    Massachusetts Looking to trade somewhat locally only. Shipping would be too expensive for me. https://imgur.com/gallery/rxDx1 No doo doo please lol
  7. WS6TA

    HAT Pro L1 R2 for Morel CDM 880

    I have some really nice Hybrid Audio tweeters that I would like to trade for Morel soft dome mids to make my Elate 902 into a 3 way set.

    I have several broken amplifiers would like to sell or trade..hifonics colossus xi fe

    I have 5 amps that don't work that I'd like to sell or trade. 1. COLOSSUS XI Final Edition #35 of 200 -- I blew this one up myself by running it @ 1 ohm..it was loud tho lol condition isn't that great but hey this is an old beast 2. PPI A404.2 white scuffed..used...worked great until one of...
  9. C

    Xbl^2 motor

    I have a Pre 2005 re audio 12in xxx sub/with the original xbl^2 motor..85 pounds..over sized 4in voice coil. .one issue with the sub is only one coil reads 3.8 the other dont read at all. Lead my of come undone from the coil..reason for thinking this is do to no burnt smell,no odd sounds and its...

    two Type R 10d2's for two Type R 10d4's

    I made a deal with a buddy but ended up with dual 2's and I need dual 4's, had a plan for three R 10d4's and three Kicker ZX750.1's and these final two subs are holding it all up. Anyone want to trade one/two for one/two of mine straight up? Coils read dead on 2.0 on them, nice clean coils...
  11. CALIBASS2014

    Sundown zv4 10s for 12s

    Looking to trade for vz4 12s I have dual 1 ohm zv4 10 Will entertain other offers for 12s

    wtt two Treo 12's for 8's

    Entertaining the idea of trading off my Treo 12's so I can put a nice little setup in my 01 Mustang GT convertible. 8's would be ideal, if anyone is looking to swap. I don't remember the model # of them, but they are either 300 or 400w RMS, each. Will find model # when I get some time. First...
  13. R

    Looking to trade for a DD amp, either m2c or m3c

    Looking to trade my SCV-2000D sundown amp plus cash for a new or used DD m2c or m3c amp. The sundown amp is maybe 4 months in great condition.
  14. CALIBASS2014

    (Ohio) sundown sa 18s d2 for 15s or 12s

    Wtt 2 sundown sa 18s d2 For 2 15 2 12 Or 4 12s Lmk what u have Pix up soon or txt 8622794269
  15. kuda

    Pair or sa15,v3,d4 for single zv5 15 d2

    Guys I've got a gently used pair of sundown sa15s for trade They are v3,d4s with only about 15 hrs on them have enclosure too... but its big I'm looking to get into 1 15 that will handle the power...2500 RMS and sit in a smaller enclosure Would love to get a zv5 15 d2 My subs are...
  16. CALIBASS2014

    Concept hp-1000 amp and pioneer avh -p1400 double din for 2k or 3k amp

    Like post says looking to trade my concept hp-1000 Korean board and Pioneer double din For a 2k or 3k amp
  17. disturbed471985

    Custom 15" TC Sounds 5200

    FS or possible trade. Freshly saturated 5200 motor. Black 15" tc style basket with black mesh. Qca assembly. Brand new in box Corey splaudio drop in. Spl surround, 4layer high temp 4" coil. Triple corey (special) red spiders. Triple fully sewn leads with jy 8awg ofc directs. Rated at 5k rms...
  18. O

    Audiocontrol LC7 for run of the mill 15+

    I've had this sitting around forever. Was installed for a very short time and was swapped for a 3sixty. I do not know where the remote level control is, I didn't use it. Just looking for a 15 that I can put in a simple box for my truck. I'll add some pictures in a few minutes. Turns out my amps...
  19. T

    Alpine PDR-M65 For other AMp

    Im looking to trade my brand new amp, less than an hour use. For a 750-1200 watt RMS 1 ohm stable amp. go ahead and shoot offers with what everyone has.
  20. ray60218

    Sound stream human reign

    Sound stream human reign hru.4 Open to all trades RMS Power Rating: 4 ohms: 140 watts x 4 chan. 2 ohms: 240 watts x 4 chan. Bridged, 4 ohms: 480 watts x 2 chan. MOSFET power supply LED power and protection indicators Hawkins Bass Boost (0-9 dB @ 70 Hz) STACT (Stabilized Apex Current...
  21. B

    Amps,6x9's & head unit for quality 12

    I have an audiobahn a1504dp,fosgate p300.2 a set of punch p169s and a pioneer deh-x6700bt I would like to trade for a good sub. Preferably Fosgate (t1,p3,x2 p3s). Head unit also comes with mic and holder not pictured...
  22. disturbed471985

    2 Skar ddx 12s

    II have one mint ddx 12" thats perfect. Shiny coil. Other ddx is down a coil still play but one coil does not read. Still plays but is down a coil. Recone and go on ur way. Cheap....... Ran on DD m1b scoped so never seen rms and never climped. I installed setup and set it up not abused. Owner is...
  23. kuda

    Memphis big belle 5 channel and morel 4 wr midbass for

    Im in need of some high out put midbass drivers Id like to get a pr of JL 8 inch but will consider all I have a memphis Big belle 5 channel in Perfect working order I also have a like new pair of Xtant [morel] wr 4 inch midbass...only powered up once These are also for sale inbthe classifieds
  24. Fi-brations

    Like new Taramps DSP3000 for custom box and/or new batteries, deadener, wiring, etc.

    1-ohm version. Never used it myself, bought from soundrive. link to thread I think it was his personal one, used very little by him. I believe its worth about edited: $400. I need a custom box for a very heavy 15", new batteries(xspower d3400 pref) deadener, 1/0 ofc, 300a anl fuses, voltage...
  25. disturbed471985

    2 fsd 2600s for 1 large amp.

    R:Title says it. Og owner still under warranty. Bout 2 months on them always been strapped on solid electric. 13v lowest ever seen "before alt". Looking for similar power just in one case. May add lil money if needed but dnt want to. Must be ok with a .5ohm load. No junk. Reason for trade is...
  26. Silver-N-Black

    WTT - Notebook for 8" subs

    I got a notebook for trade works great, I use it to watch movies, show and PPV. It was image only info on it is the program to watch movies and PPV. Windows 7 64bit 8GB of ram, i5 core processor. Looking for a total of 4 subs. Let me know what you have Sundown e8 would be perfect. Sent from...
  27. rfluvinmf

    WTT: Sundown x8d4

    I have a BNIB Sundown x8d4 that I'm looking to trade for an amp that does 1k or better at 2 ohms. For the right amp, I'm willing to add cash with the sub. I will add pictures shortly.
  28. T

    Alpine 7897

    Looking to trade my Phantom Face Alpine 7897. These are becoming extremely rare especially in working condition. This unit works perfect. Things of interest: Mmats amps Pdx-m12 Nice double din with Bluetooth and Navigation High end single din Any decent class d 2k+rms @2ohm amp with small...

    Wtt- type r 10d2 for a similar d1 or d4 10 for wifes van & zx750.1

    Pix soon, we have a 2 ohm amp and a dual 2 ohm sub. Would like to see if a driver of similar build in d1 or d4 can be traded for it. LMK. Going in an old school HCCA box.
  30. eviling

    ARC, Helix, Image DYnamic

    I want to trade some gear for a processor perhaps. I'd really much rather cash in hand perhaps a cahs and trade deal. I might consider other items. considering a RF360.3 or an ms-8 not quite sure whitch direction i desire yet, automatic tickles my lazy bone. Image Dynamic XS65 Helix B2 Arc...
  31. rlmich

    set of Focal Utopia 5WS for 3" K2 mids

    Just like the title says, I would like to trade an extra set of 5-3/4" Focal Utopia 5WS Sub/mids for a set of Focal K2 3" mids. This would be a great trade all around. Here is what I am offering. I have a set of Focal Utopia 5WS in perfect condition. The suspension is stiff and they were...
  32. lowcel

    AudioControl EQL for head unit or sound deadening.

    I have a one year old EQL that I no longer have a use for. The EQL has two small scratches, both pictured. I would like to trade it for a decent head unit for my wife's car or some quality sound deadening material. Here is a link to my ebay feedback rating.
  33. AnthonyO

    Elemental Designs matching amps

    Didn't want to do this, but with the PSi 15 coming I need a bigger amp. I will trade my: eD Nine.1 and eD Nine.2x for a nice 2500 watt mono amplifier I will get pics up tomorrow. The Nine.1 has a few scratches but nothing that noticeable. The Nine.2x is almost mint I am still running the...
  34. Silver-N-Black

    18" PSI TC Sounds 5400 Top

    Selling a PSI TC Sounds 5400 top, has one scuff on it. Works great reads 2ohm on each side. Looking for 6.5 subwoofer let me know what you have.
  35. T

    Image dynamics cd-1e horns and csx.1 crossover

    I have a pair of image dynamics cd-1e horns (two lefts) and two csx.1 crossovers for trade . Would like to trade for a decent set of 12s
  36. AnthonyO

    Boston Acoutics G110PS

    Item(s) for Trade: Boston Acoustics G110PS Description/Condition of Item(s): Was ran in my daughters car for a little over a year. Was ran off an MB Quart FX1.400 amp at 4ohm. She got a new car yesterday and no longer wants it. Appearance 9/10 Function 10/10 Product Highlights: ported...
  37. OmegaBunny

    WTS/WTT: Hybrid Audio L6 Mids

    Up for Sale/Trade are my HAT L6 mids. The were previously owned by @PHD \- USA aka Geoff. I love these speakers but I'm looking to go in a different direction. They are in perfect working condition and are the best mids I've ever owned. I had them running off of a SAX 100.4 for...
  38. Joseph7195

    WTT Wire for small mono amp

    I have some wire I would like to trade for a small 1 ohm stable Mono amp. I am not looking for expensive equipment, just as close to 1,000 watts as possible. This is going into my wife's vehicle, which is why I m not too worried about brand names or anything. I have: -3 sets 17' Cadence...
  39. WashYourWinky

    Pioneer DEH-X8600BH

    Looking to trade my Pioneer DEH-X8600BH. It's in pretty good condition. Trim ring, install cage, wire harness, remote and original box all included. Mechanical 10/10 Cosmetic 8/10 there is a scratch on the screen but can't be seen when the unit is on. Trades I'm looking for: mono amp 600w to...
  40. WashYourWinky

    Alpine MRV-F345

    Looking to trade my alpine mrv-f345 for a mono amp that can do 600w to 800w at 2 ohms or a d2 10" or 12" sub. The alpine is in good condition,just minor wear. It is missing the control cover. RMS Power @ 4 ohms75 watts x 4 channels RMS Power @ 2 ohms85 watts x 4 channels RMS Power @ 1 ohmNot...