sub box design

  1. E

    NVX VCW152v3 15" Box Calculations

    Hey, im having a hard time finding the info I need to build a ported box for my NVX sub. I have a MacBook and it makes it tough not being able to use winisd. Would someone with Winisd please help me out and plug in the info for my sub and get me started down the right path? the max outside...
  2. ?

    Need help with sub box design

  3. 0

    Sundown SA12 v.2 or U12 with kicker CXA1200.1?

    I’m looking at both of these and about to start building a box. Does anyone have experience with both? My main questions are: The SA12V.2 is rated at 1000 watts RMS, the Kicker 1200.1 will be at least 20% higher wattage than what’s recommended, will that be a problem? Would it void the...
  4. S

    Need help building box for 2 American bass xfl1244

    I have 2 American bass xfl1244 on a audio pipe 30001d. I don’t have max dimensions for box right now but will update soon. I’m mainly confused on port dimensions than anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. DeuceLoco

    Trunk box advice

    Trunk box advice needed....At the moment I have my subs and ports facing rear but still have a few inches on top and on sides of my actual box so I still get good bass into the cab. The problem is one of my SDRs blew and i am looking to upgrade my subs to 2 12s DDX or EVL (unless there is...
  6. kamoocreations

    Motorized Sub / Amp Enclosure For Auction March 3

    Item(s) for Sale: Motorized Sub / Amp Enclosure Automatic Stealth Plug&Play Description/Condition: New Build. All-in-one, 2 woofer, 1 amp, Motorized Enclosure/ sub box Price: Ebay Auction March 3, 2016 Shipping Free Shipping Item Pictures: VIEW FULL DEMO AT...
  7. checketts4344

    custom chevy 1500 box build - HELP

    I have a 2006 chevy 1500 extended cab, I have raised the back seat 3" to fit my alpine type r 12"s. box is build but i am searching for some help on how to port it properly. the amp i am running is an alpine MRP-M2000. the main area of each side of the box measures 20"x16"x13"on the tall side...
  8. D

    Sub and Amp to match a Gladen 100.4 DSP

    I am designing a system for a 2012 VW Passat to listen to acoustic music on my commute. Some blues and alternative also. My top choice for an Amp/DSP is the Gladen 100.4 which, you guessed it, puts out 100W per channel to 4 6.5 component speakers. I will design a sub-box to go under my rear...
  9. J

    Need help with box build

    So I have an o3 trailblazer and 1 12 inch mtx thunder 5500 svc. I would like to build a box for it that will give it the biguest but best sound and bump by specs. I do not understand the cubic volume stuff though so don't know what to do. Would like a similar box as the link posted below but...
  10. K

    Questions on Box design for 10" Alpine Type R

    Hi guys. I recently bought a 10" alpine type R, and it is currently in an Atrend prefab box, at 1.25 Cu ft and tuned at 42Hz. It is sitting on the rear drivers seat of my 2013 dodge ram, facing foreword. I am running an alpine m1000 at 1000 watts rms, although I will be switching to a Jl...
  11. Dual MTX 15"

    Dual MTX 15"

    Rounded over port
  12. Dual MTX 15"

    Dual MTX 15"

    4.5cubic feet @ 38hz All cuts will be at 45. Double baffle.