1. Chris Gerrish

    Need help knowing if this skar amp is ok for my 2 12” rockford p2

    Hi so i wasn’t sure what to look for in an amp but I got two rockford p2 12s. And I found skar rp 1200 1d mono block for under 300 (canadian) that seems like the best deal I can find that actually has more than 800+ rms that I figured I need minimum for these p2. I want to make sure I get the...
  2. J

    System rebuild… round 46! Ding!

    What’s up y’all, new to this place… today actually… Idk, i guess if I’m gunna ask for help wit this mess, now is prob the time…. First things first 21 Jeep Renegade Factory HU/Rockford fosgate dsr1 Front Ch1-2 infinity 693C 3way componets passive (JL audio HD600 flat) Aux. Ch 3-4 on vaca...
  3. Guyver

    Rockford T-1500BDCP

    Been a while since I upgrade my audio equipment. Looking to upgrade to a Rockford Fosgate T-1500bdcp from a CT Sounds 1400. I keep hearing that Rockford gets hot, anyone care to chime in with their experience before I drop $699 on one.
  4. ChasingTimez

    best duel 8" sub with around 1.5kw?

    Been looking to upgrade my Memphis mojo single 8' and need some recommendations for a dual setup. Anything under $1000 can work and looking for around 1k watts im running it on my RF Punch P1000X1bd and might get a second one if needed.
  5. Ishaboie21

    What sub and amp kit should I buy?

    Looking at picking up a 10" Kicker L7R 4ohm sub, but wondering what amp I should get to pair with it, and if it's worth getting a 4ohm or if I should just get the 2ohm to make life easier. I have a 1997 Acura Integra that I've been moding to be a daily driver for the past year, and want to add...
  6. L

    12" Single Sub Recommendation with Rockford Fosgate p500-2

    Hello all, I am currently looking for suggestions on what 12" single sub i should match with my Rockford Fosgate p500-2. Live in a smaller town and the guy working behind the counter at the local audio install store was not giving me vibes that he knew anything about anything. See stats below...
  7. Mix Audio

    COMPLETED Rockford P400x4 amp

    Nearly new Rockford P400x4. My son had it in his Audi, then realized that his old man was right. He needed more power to run his system. Was used for literally 1 week. Installed it on a Saturday and replaced it the following Saturday. Comes with original box, birth certificate and spec sheet. I...
  8. I

    Subwoofer help (I give up)

    I hate asking for help in forums, Kuz I always feel like I'm embarrassing myself, but I'm perplexed as to why my system is sounding so bad. I installed my kicker speakers and amp with no issue, and they sound great. But after finishing the box for my kicker L7 sub and installing it I was very...
  9. F

    Fiberglass Rear Cushion Enclosure

    Hello all. First time poster here. I have a 2001 Forester and I'm looking to design a box. I'm relatively active and want to reserve as much usable space as possible. I have looked into a couple placement and sub options. First, I considered a custom fiberglass enclosure in the passenger cargo...
  10. O

    Best subs for a 2011 Silverado crew cab

    I have a 2011 Silverado crew cab, I’m undecided to on what size and brand of subs that I should put on my truck. Also what 6 1/2” speakers do you recommend. I want some nice deep bass and a clean sound. Thanks for your recommendations.
  11. B

    COMPLETED Looking for RF hx2 D4, Punch power 501bd

    Putting together an old skool system for my summer toy. Currently have 2 OG rf amps, looking for a punch power 501bd and hx2 10" { d2 or d4 doesn't matter to complete it}. I would be interested in a few different amps though. 551s,500a2,p600.1bd, if its fairly old school 2 channel or mono and...
  12. Deleted User

    20hz-20khz on a budget. Critics welcomed.

    Not everything is pictured, like the Infinity MX20 I installed in the coin tray and the ashtray, or the JBL GTO19T in an empty button slot and center console, both of which are running on deck power from the Alpine UTE73BT as an add on because the Rockfords were inefficient. Just didnt want the...
  13. Jason Taylor

    What Sub Should I go with?

    So I recently have been running Rockford p2 12s, 2 of them, but they both recently blew, and I personally am not a Rockford fan anyways and am looking for what to go with next, my price range is like $120 per sub or but I’m flexible on that. Just want to get something that hits harder than the...
  14. B

    Rockford Fosgate: Punch vs. Power

    Hi! I know this question has probably already been asked but I am curious, for my application, which speakers would be better. I listen to mostly metal. I don't necessarily need extreme "loudness", I am far more concerned with quality of the sound. So I am torn between the Punch and Power...
  15. B

    Better Speakers for the money?

    Hello! I just bought a Ford Bronco that has the following sets of speakers: 2x 6.5" speakers in the front doors and 2x 6x9" speakers for the back seat area. No sub. I now want to sound dampen the car, add good amps and replace all the speakers and ad a 12" subwoofer. I am looking at the...
  16. B

    Speaker Placement

    Hello! I will be buying a 1996 Bronco soon and I am wondering what everyone recommends for speaker placement. The stock truck has the following: - 2x 6.5" speaker in each front door. - a 6x9" speaker on each side at the back seat (bench) I am thinking of replacing these with the Rockford...
  17. B

    ROCKFORD FOSGATE 3.sixty.3

    Item(s) for Sale: Rockford Fosgate 3.sixty.3 Item(s) Description/Condition: New in box. Price: $550 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: PayPal / Free shipping Item Pictures: Attachment
  18. S

    LOOKING FOR T2D412s from the ROCKFORD FOSGATE camp.

    These subs are discontinued everywhere! I need two of them, I'm not settling for anything else, and the new T2s can't fit in my small trunk.
  19. S

    Given trunk measurements..

    Could anyone throw me some ideas of what would fit in my trunk? 16.5" height from base to upper bracket(limit) 18.5" clearance to get into trunk 29.0" deep from trunk lid to as far back as it can go 44.5" long from left to right I had 4 P3 10s in mind, 2000 watts. I am not looking for SPL...
  20. Woofer install!

    Woofer install!

    2 Fosgate T213 woofers. Box is 8.43CF after bracing and displacement, tuned at 35hz. 148.6 DB trunk build
  21. Woofer install!

    Woofer install!

    2 Fosgate T213 woofers. Box is 8.43CF after bracing and displacement, tuned at 35hz. 148.6 DB trunk build
  22. Amp Rack

    Amp Rack

    2 t1500s and a t600.4
  23. G

    Need help with new setup!!!!

    I currently have a 12 inch Audiobahn sub connected to a Sony Xplod Class D amp. I use a 4 gauge wire to power this setup. If I upgrade to 2 12 inch Rockford Fosgate P2P2-2X12 800 Watts Dual Rms Subwoofers and a Rockford Fosgate Prime 750 Watt Class D amp, will I still be able to run the 4 gauge...
  24. S

    For Sale R300-4 Rockford Fosgate

    Item(s) for Sale: Rockford Fosgate 4 channel amp 50 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (75 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms) 150 watts RMS x 2 bridged output at 4 ohms (4-ohm stable in bridged mode) CEA-2006 compliant Still in my car powering my alpines Item(s) Description/Condition: Condition is great as...
  25. P

    What sub for this amp?

    Ok I have a RF power t400-2 and I'm looking to use a sundown 8" . Do I need dual 2 or 4 ohm sub? Amp is 2 ohm stable bridged. How do I show it two ohms bridged?
  26. johnsonboys

    lanzar opti or rockford for mids/hi's

    I have a lanzar opti 200.2 and I also have a Rockford fosgate 4040dsm I'm running a single set of components 100 watts rms passive. As gas as sound quality to power what amp do you think foots the bill better.
  27. X

    RF 1000a2 left channel help

    Hey everyone I need help on fixing my amp! It has signal in because at super low volume I can hear it but as the music gets louder all of a sudden it begins to crackle then starts popping. So it's not the gain because i checked it and my wiring is cur ect because the right challenge pumps out...
  28. psychoacoustics

    rockford fosgate T@ 15 motor and basket and another motor

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 motors and a basket Item(s) Description/Condition: t2 motor t2 motor and 15" basket both are a 4" coil one basket it broken on the mounting ring i believe but comes with the OEM box and trim ring Price: 50$ plus shipping id prefer to sell them both at one shot they...
  29. A

    How much money would you spend on a Rockford Punch P3 12"?

    My friend has a P3 Rockford Fosgate punch 12" here and he is trying get rid of it but he doesn't know how much to sell it for. How much do these go for? How much would you spend on a sub like this?
  30. J

    Rockford Fosgate Distribution Block - Platinum

    Item(s) for Sale: Rockford Fosgate RFD4 1/0 AWG 4 AWG Distribution Block - Platinum Item(s) Description/Condition: UN-Opened, New Price: $20 for both plus shipping cost Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be...
  31. kpetree

    3 15" Punch hx2's

    I need three or two 15" Rockford Punch HX2's. They have to be D2, please. Cheaper the better.
  32. W

    Rockford Fosgate P3's

    I'm going to order 2 new 12 inch 2011 Rockford Fosgate P3's to go with my first generation JL Audio Slash 1000/1 amp upgrading from my 2 12 inch Kicker Comps lol, and I need help getting a new box. At the moment I have a "sealed" box with 1.18 cubes per sub. I say "sealed" because the front...
  33. christmass!!


  34. christmass!!


    clean wiring??
  35. christmass!!


  36. christmass!!


    what more could u ask for??
  37. 2000 Expedition

    2000 Expedition

  38. 2000 Expedition

    2000 Expedition

  39. 2000 Expedition

    2000 Expedition

  40. 2000 Expedition

    2000 Expedition