rockford fosgate

  1. 2003 f-150 fx4

    2003 f-150 fx4

    Rockford Fosgate prime 500.1 pushing the sub (under drivers seat)
  2. shrapnel

    Looking for Speaker advice.

    OK, I'm looking to upgrade speakers, get rid of the OLD Sony Xplodes and possible factory in-door. (I have Pioneer TS-A698's just sitting in the openings of the rear deck for improvement from the Xplodes that were there.) The biggest aggravation I've had so far in my own research has been a few...
  3. PuMpDatBaSs420

    Fosgate Punch Stage 3 15" Help Plz

    Trying to figure out a good single amp setup for 2x RF Punch Stage 3 15" subs. Id rather get the dual 4 ohm's (mostly because they're $30 cheaper lol) but the dual 2 ohms are an option. Amp shouldn't be more than $200 and should be able to throw them pretty hard, thinking those subs can take...
  4. Bricktop13

    [B]Phoenix Gold OUTLAW 1845 Limited Edition========== $799/OBO[/B]

    Selling My Phoenix Gold OUTLAW .... Need the cash It's in really good shape, pulled it from my running system. On the right edge there are two small spots where some of the anodizing wore off.   As for feedback, You can check my feedback rating on Ebay and see more pictures...
  5. T

    I need help purchasing an Amp.

    Recently I bought a pair of Polk Audio DXI 460P Speakers for my doors and a pair of Kenwood KFC-6993PS speakers for my back. The door speakers can handle 50 Watts RMS and the back speakers can handle 120 Watts RMS. I am looking for an Amplifier to power them. I have come up with a few...
  6. J

    MA Audio HK802SX mono amplifier (4400 watts RMS 1/2 ohm stable!)

    This amp is overall in great condition,it has a few small spots on the chrome but not really noticable,still near new.I have two of them,I bought a second one to put on my Atomic APX quad coil and couldnt fit both of them in and need to upgrade my electrical more.I am hitting 146.4 on the TL...
  7. subs and amp

    subs and amp

  8. rockford p2 thats layin around

    rockford p2 thats layin around

    a p2 i got layina round the house
  9. FRC4206U - Backpanel

    FRC4206U - Backpanel

  10. Trunk #2

    Trunk #2

  11. RF P310D4

    RF P310D4

  12. Finished Flush Panel

    Finished Flush Panel

  13. Back of box...

    Back of box...