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  1. Chrisefta

    alpine 3522 amp

    I Found an Alpine 3522 amp but no manual to go with it, and was wondering what info was out there, and how good they were. My dad said it still works but, he couldn't recall anything about it.
  2. A

    Alpine DDDrive 12 (DDW-F30A) Value

    Hi all! I have (2) fairly rare/ specialized subs- brand new in the box- Alpine DDDrive 12- DDW-F30A… I was hoping someone could tell me roughly what they worth… I know like 15 years ago they were Alpine’s flagship model. But I have no idea what they are worth now. (And yes, I know something is...
  3. Courtbass

    Old school MTX Terminator MTA amps -- Need some info please!

    I have a MTX Terminator MTA 225 and a MTX Terminator MTA 250 amps that Id like to get some info about. I know theyre super rare and that they were made in the same factory as PPI equipment back in the early 90s. Ive heard that new back then they were anywhere from $600 up to as high as $1600...
  4. tvnner

    ISO any alpine graphic equalizers

    ISO any alpine graphic equalizers for sale pxa-h510, era-g320, 3342, mda-5755 let me know what you go, PayPal ready‼️ 808-855-5166
  5. W

    Rare old school subs? sitting in garage. What are they worth? Need to sell.

    Okay guys, I have had my old system sitting in my dads garage for about 10 years now. He passed from Covid so I need to sell them. I am trying to figure out what they are worth because I’m pretty sure they’re somewhat rare. I Don’t remember much about car audio but I DO remember these being a...
  6. O

    COMPLETED Lookin For Alpine 3339 EQ and 4932 Kit

    Looking to recreate stereo had in high school, car is completing restoration and will soon be shipping to me. Ideally would like to get started on stereo shortly thereafter, but am in need for a good condition 3339. Also very interested if you have also or only the optional 3339 quick...
  7. KcPlayer84

    COMPLETED Rare HSL Hollywood 8" Dvc Green.

    Rare Old School 8" Hsl Hollywood Dvc early 90s I think a 92 could be late 80s I can't find another one like this on the internet, My dad left it to me when he died. I just remember he's had it in a box for over 25 years easy, Not positive what year my dad bought it. But if anyone knows any more...
  8. C

    Want to install some Old school stuff but need some help

    Hi everyone, recently I got into sound system stuff when I found my dad's old school stash. From the stash, I found a dual channel Orion 250sx, two Apache Amps 600w and 400w, a pair of Blaupunkt Velocity VPC10D woofers and a Pyle preamp. I've installed the Orion 250sx into my stock car head unit...
  9. P

    Rockford 1245x amp

    Looking to trade for a subwoofer and amp.or can anybody tell me what is a good size sub to use this with?
  10. Louisiana_CRX

    05 RE XXX Subwoofer Motor $300

    Item(s) for Sale: 05 RE XXX motor Item(s) Description/Condition: 05 RE XXX Chrome Motor like new will remove to ship Price: $300 shipped CONUS Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Included CONUS Item Pictures:
  11. Louisiana_CRX

    Legendary Alpine 3331 EQ 11 band

    Item(s) for Sale: Alpine 3331 EQ ...One of the best SQ EQs ever by Alpine Item(s) Description/Condition: A really nice Legendary Alpine 11 band slider Eq with subwoofer frequency and level control nice old school collectors item Price: $220 shipped CONUS Shipping and Miscellaneous Item...
  12. Louisiana_CRX

    Nakamichi 10” Subwoofers NOS

    Item(s) for Sale: Nice pair of SQ subwoofers ..These are the original Nakamichi subs not the newer Chinese knockoffs...Nakamichi has long been known for their high end SQ and here’s a chance to own a set of very nice subs ..these are designed for small sealed enclosure and would be perfect for...
  13. Traveltoonz

    Old school car stereo never used TX 503

    Greetings all... Have this cassette/radio still in the box never installed.. apparently some people still have/use it.. as the face plates are commonly seen on ebay for sale... it is from 1994 it's no Kenwood KRC 999 or anything, but just curious if I could get an opinion as to whether it's...
  14. elemental design 12's

    elemental design 12's

    12 subs custom ported ., 33 hz
  15. C

    F/S Earthquake PA2075 2ch Amp (OLD SCHOOL)

    Earthquake PA2075 2ch Amplifier Seems to be in decent condition except for the end caps where the screws are, looks like someone used a pair of pliers instead of an Allen wrench to take the screws out. Around the screws is missing paint(see pictures). It is also missing the grommet where the...
  16. C

    Amps for sale (local Portland OR area)

    Let's try this again!! Got into a bind need to get rid of these amps I've been collecting. Going cheap!!! Local Portland,OR area sales only, just set up paypal(5/16) and can now ship:-) PG XS6600 660watt RMS 6ch $100 PG RSD 300/4 300watt RMS 4ch $50 Alpine MRV-T505 500watt RMS 2ch $SOLD...
  17. Louisiana_CRX

    Old School PPI PCX monoblock

    Item(s) for Sale: PPI PCX1250 monoblock amplifier ..... Item(s) Description/Condition: This amp is designed to run 2 ohm mono and very clean clear sound it also has the Q bass equalization feature for smoothing out the lows...Its rated at a conservative 600 rms Price: $180 Shipping and...
  18. adulbrich

    OS do wants

    Was bored and looking on ebay. Found these that I think look awesome! Old School Custom US Made Phoenix Gold MPS 7240 5 1 Ohm Amp Amplifier 2500 2240 | eBay This guy has five of these, haha Phoenix Gold The One Amp 12 000WATTS Limited Edition Brand New | eBay Last but not least (I...
  19. Boominburban

    Car Audio SCAMMER in OHIO

    Seth Horsley and Kelsie Fleming of 535 Park Ave. BUCYRUS,OH are scammers. Paid them on the 8th for a set of OS Dr Crankenstein 15's, to be shipped the next morning. And now nothing at all since. His cell number is 419-617-8199 please blow that shizz up people ... Here was the add he was using...
  20. Brian21699

    Blown MTX MTA 250

    I have one of these sitting in front of me. It blew a transistor, I don't know what side. Motorola 5NO5E is the part number for the transistor. Is it worth fixing and selling? Or just as is? I'm looking for a Sundown Zv3 motor, and possibly a 15 inch frame for it.
  21. 350zkid

    Couple amps

    Item(s) for Sale: 1) Kicker KX500.2 2) Kicker ZX460 3) Kove Audio Reference zx500 4) Planet Audio BB150.4 5) Visonik v4000xd Item(s) Description/Condition: 1) works 10/10, looks 7.5/10 2) works 10/10, looks 9/10 3) works 10/10, looks 6/10 4) works 10/10, looks 6/10 5) works 10/10...
  22. johnsonboys

    wtb Rockford Crossover card for a 4040dsm asap please help!!!

    I just picked up an old school DSM Rockford 4040 I got it for the cheap due to only 1 channel working..... I seen it was missing 2 x over cards so I bought it anyway I hooked it up and put the card in the other channels and it works but in order to use all 4 channels I need another card and I'll...
  23. Spl4200

    Power of the gods!

    I have a hifonics mars that will do 2x 150@ 2 ohm, 2x300@ 1ohm, 1x1200 @ 1 ohm or...1x.1200 @.25ohm in P.O.S. mode.. I am looking to see if there is an interest for this beast on here.. if there is ill do a bench test (Worked perfect last time I used it) and take pic.s looking for sundown x 15...
  24. SPLAudioHz


    Product Brand & Model: FS: OLD SCHOOL PPI made amps - AUDIOHAUS POWER 1000 Condition of all items: They look to be in new condition Total Price: : $225 for the trio Shipping Terms: : shipped at $225 Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks...

    Rockford Fosgate Punch X (2/3 way crossover)

    for Sale:[/b][/u] Rockford Fosgate Punch X 2/3 way crossover Item(s) Description/Condition: 100% functional Condition 9.7/10 Power plug is not shown in pics but is included! Check out the specs: http://a248.e.akamai.net/pix.crutchfield.com/manuals/575/575rfq1201.pdf Price: $90 shipped...
  26. supereikenator

    Old Rockford amp, worth it?

    old rockford amp Any of you old school lovers know anything about this? It's been up for a while, worth pouncing on?
  27. DallasOldSchool

    Any thoughts on an amp? Check out these rare Orions HZ Bass

    I need some amp suggestions for these. I'm sticking with what I know and that's made in the USA. Thinking a soundstream reference 500 or an old sony. If you have experience with these subs please reply. I'm doing a small sealed for them but I might sell two. Rms is 300 watts and sensitivity...
  28. R

    Pioneer GM-800 old school amplifier amp SPECS?

    I can not find info on this amp anywhere - it's a 1990's (early) Pioneer GM-800 - it's a small amp, I think it's a 4x25 @ 4ohms but is not one of the GM-H series, it's got no major heat sinks, I am going to be using GM H100+GM H200 amps for my subs, 6 inch and 4" mids....I plan on using a 1" JBL...
  29. OldSkull

    Help iD ing small old school amp

    Been a fan of big fin old school amps and this one really caught my eye, but I'm having trouble id ing it. It's not L P, Alpine , Delco... so what the heck is it??? Any help will be appreciated. Tnx.
  30. N

    I need to figure out what kind of subs i have and if spider should be replaced

    I just got 2 10 inch jl subs and they are like 10 years old and the foam ripped. Im trying to figure out what kind i have so i can fix them.And the spider is old and really stiff so im wondering if thats bad or should i fix that also.
  31. nudels

    a lot of b/n woofers for sale, mostly old school

    Item(s) for Sale: 1. (3) bnib aura 12000 rpm's (12") 2. (3) bnib hollywood soundlabs hsl 125d's (12") 3. bnib rainbow hammer (12") 4. bnib arc audio 8d4 (8") 5. bnib volcano xk2 cannibal 12c (12") 6. (2) universal electronics 'black max' ues-804, (8") one sagging from being inverted for 10...
  32. O

    Rockford Fosgate Old School Collection Rare DSM

  33. T

    Precision Power A600.2 amp! 8.7/10 cosmetic condition 10/10 mechanical!

    Item(s) for Sale: A600.2 Amp Item(s) Description/Condition: Hey I've got a PPI amp for sale. Not pressured to sell it but I know there's enthusiasts out there that would love it more than I can sense I have no car.. I had it hooked up in my room but this thing drains my lawn mower battery...
  34. etm34

    Old School Lighning Audio S1.1000D

    Item(s) for Sale: Old School Lightning Audio S1.1000D Item(s) Description/Condition: Used of course, has some goods and bads Bads: Has a tad bit of Rust forming on some of the screws The gain knob makes some noise when turning it, once set its fine Bass knob that doesnt like to stay on...
  35. 1988 Isuzu Spacecab

    1988 Isuzu Spacecab

  36. DukeDurham

    ***WANTED*** Old School ORION HCCA 15D Subs

    I'm looking for Old School Orion HCCA 15D Subs that are in **NEW, MINT, or EXCELLENT** condition. They must have dual 2 Ohm voicecoils. These are not the late model subs that are so common. These were built in '99 - '00 just before Orion's buy out by DEI. I'm looking for 5 or 6 subs total, but...
  37. OldSkull

    Old Schoolers Unite

    Hello car audio fellas, like most of us, I'm an old school C. A. fanatic, specially Zed made stuff, but all I hear in the O. S. forums is talk about Orions, PPIs, Soundtreams, Zed, and US Amps. I've been in this business since 86, and I think we should pay some respect to other manufactures that...
  38. G

    Zed Made Old School Hifonics Zeus and Jupiter Pair Series VII!

    Item(s) for Sale: These are the Series VII Zeus and Jupiter. If you are looking at this, then you know what makes them special. No internal crossover circuits, class ab power, low distortion, etc. The Zeus was rated for: 300 watts RMS x 2 @ 4 Ohms 450 watts RMS x 2 @ 2 Ohms or 900 watts...
  39. J

    Old School MTX Thunder 2300 and MTX Thunder 4160

    Item(s) for Sale:
  40. Upgrayedd

    ZED built USAcoustics USX800F

    Item(s) for Sale: USAcoustics USX800F Item(s) Description/Condition: Used, Good, Some scratches Price: $165 including shipping, insurance, and pp fees. within the US Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Included within the US Item Pictures: (List pictures in this...