1. Venku

    Utterly new, help!

    I have a 340 Watt 2/1 channel amp hooked up to 2 12" subs. I am going from Stock radio with a LOC to the amp. I decided because power and ground were easily accessed in the dash to put the LOC there. Spliced into the harness for the speakers. Ran the AV cables back to the amp. Here's my issue...
  2. S

    2010 Toyota Prius Upgrade

    So I'm trying to upgrade the base speakers in my prius but I've heard that because of the hybrid system the electrical system is sensitive. For that reason I've been doing a lot of research into speakers that won't break the electrical system. So it really comes down to what are the best...
  3. B

    Subwoofer AMP power supply help

    Hello, I am new to this forum anyway I’m new to the whole audio systems and stuff but I’ve been doing a lot of homework over it and I still have a question. So I know you can take a computer power supply rated at 12 volts and let’s say 66 amps for 800 watts. Now I already have a 1200 watt peak...
  4. T

    Alpine PDR-M65 For other AMp

    Im looking to trade my brand new amp, less than an hour use. For a 750-1200 watt RMS 1 ohm stable amp. go ahead and shoot offers with what everyone has.
  5. S

    Hello everyone!

    I hope to learn a thing or 2 around my time here, nice to meet you all! I will be posting few things here and there soon but first hello! I have couple of things I am curious about but those belong to another section and time. this is probably the first forum I joined straight off a google...
  6. kyle3194

    Fronts and rears. 2000 civic

    Okay lets try this out, I haven't been on in a while (3-4 years?) but I am looking to add some speakers to my 2000 civic. Preface on the car, I bought it CHEAP and want to use it as such. It has low mileage, but the exterior is fairly beat up. Anyway, the guy that owned it before me used...
  7. Kenyanbasshead

    new member

    Hey there fellow bassheads, Im new to the forum and really glad i finally decided to sign up. Been using this forum and many other alot for reference and research. A quick intro, my name is jesse. I live in kenya (east aftica). And im a basshead. I would say kenya is definitely a huge basshead...
  8. adulbrich

    Scores and new "Goodies"

    So, I wanted to make a new thread here for new stuff we get. CACO's got a thread, so why don't we? I got another transformer today. It's out of an old microwave. Almost as big as the one I got yesterday, but much simpler. Converts 120v AC to 2,100v AC!!! Much simpler. Only has 5 wires total...
  9. adulbrich

    New toys ;)

    Anyone know what these are? Wanna try them out? They're not what you think they are I'd be surprised if anyone correctly guesses what they are intended for. They were sitting on a desk in a classroom at school. They looked suggestive, so I had to take some pics and post them up, haha
  10. A

    New System, Questions

    My cousin just got a new system for christmas and I got his old system, so I am trying to piece it all together. First off I have two Jensen KS 10 inch subwoofers in a bandpass box, link below, with a Phoenix Gold Tantrum 500.2 Amplifier, link below as well, along with a professionally built...
  11. L

    new guy...

    hello all, new member here.. been building my car stereo for a couple years now... started with all junkyard parts, over time it has been slowly turning into a respectable ( i think anyways ) noise maker... alpine type r tweeters in the dash ( bought brand new ), alpine type s 3-way 6x9s in...
  12. bassattack95

    skar vvx v1 vs vvx v2

    my friend and i were discussing the old vvx subs vs the new vvxv2 subs. he said the old ones were better, but i think the new ones are better. anybody run both? we want some better opinions. ive had demos of both and i think the vvx v2s were better. but thats just me.
  13. supereikenator

    BNIB JL 12W3v2

    Item(s) for Sale: As the title states, brand new on box JLW3v2! Bought this and was going to use it, but long story short I just started payments on an RE 12.1. Haha. Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new! Price: Not exactly sure, it's an old new woofer, haha. 140 shipped? Feel free to...
  14. W

    07 Dodge charger.. what should I get?

    Okay, so I am obviously brand new to this site and this is actually my first post. I have been creeping the site for years but never thought I could afford to get serious. Now that I have a real career and money I am looking to get a pretty **** good system. What I really want is the best 12in...
  15. D

    Just Found This Forum

    Thanks for setting up this forum - and to all who are active in it. I have done car installs (my cars and for friends) for years and enjoy it as a hobby to go along with restoring old cars.
  16. K

    hi from nerbaska

    looking forward to learning about building sub boxes. new subs in the mail so a new box is in order :help:ne
  17. J

    New Kid On The Block

    I'm very green with all of this car audio. So far in my "system" all i have is a 12'' shallow mount Pioneer sub rated 250 W rms that came preloaded in a box with a Pioneer amp rated 200 W rms. In the doors, i have 4'' street edge Memphis speakers. The head unit is a Pioneer. And that's it. It's...
  18. F

    Clueless newbie.. I need help, suggestions, and advice. I do not have a radio

    in my truck. I need help or suggestions in designing, buying (used or new), and system for my 1989 Dodge Dakota Convertible pickup truck. A previous owner must have had a loud system. Under my hood of my truck is a 200 amp fuse with big wires. I can to do wiring, fiberglassing, some...
  19. W

    Whitetiger619 Im new to this site

    Hello Every One my name is Kenneth ya'll can call me Ken .. Since i was 16 years old i have been into car audio i will go in great detail to tell every one my first car stereo system to my latest car stereo system.. Yes car audio is addictive ! My first car was a 1986 Mercury Grand Marquis My...
  20. C

    New guy here and I need some recommendations for a set up.

    Hey, guys. I just started to get interested in buying some subs for my car. The only problem is I know nothing about this stuff. So that's why I come to you guys. I would like some recommendations for my first set up. I need an amp and I would like two subs, maybe a pair of 10"s. My budget is...
  21. D

    clifford alarm remote start

    FEATURES: 2-Way Security System / Remote Start System with Responder SST Technology 6 channel remote start/security/keyless entry system Confirms commands and system triggers on the transceiver LCD screen Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping® Parking Light Flash Failsafe® Starter Kill Anti-Grind...




    hiquphon tweeter
  24. Ninesvnsicks

    I need new sub(s).

    So I got rid of my 2 sa-12's so I'm trying to decide what to replace them with. I will be using my aq2200d so I would like to get a couple 15's or a really good single 15-18" I want to get something that will not be under powered after box rise and all that jazz so I will have clean unclipped...
  25. J

    Total NOOB please help!!!!

    Hi i dont know if this is even worth asking but im a total noob at all this. i know things about electrical parts like ive built computers from scratch but im all confused on this. could some one give me a list of all the parts i would need and anything optional to have a sweet audio system. i...
  26. kyle3194

    Looking to buy some speakers to complete my tribute.

    Hey yall, I have a 2001 Mazda Tribute, and im lookin to get some new speakers for it. The stocks are supprisingly not bad, but im just looking for a little more sound overall. I already have a sub, so my lows are taken care of, so id just like some better mids/highs. Btw, the stocks are 6x8's...
  27. T

    need speakers for my 98 contour

    ok so I have two 6x8 kenwood 3-ways (kfc-c6882ie) my car has four 6x9 speakers in the doors i want to use the kenwoods to save some money. so i wanted some opinions on what kind of speaker i should get to complement them also should the kenwoods go in front or back. just to get an idea I was...
  28. H

    Complete total newbie. Help me out

    Hi, I bought my car and it came with what i believe are some pretty sick sounds and I'd like to know if they are wired correctly. I don't know exactly what specifications i need to tell you as i know very little about electronics and car audio but this is a project car for me so I need to...
  29. The new ride

    The new ride

    Bought a new car for a brand new install