Memphis coaxials??


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Apr 28, 2015
gents, please advise.

my car: 2009 ford fusion se (6 speakers with MS sync, which is crap).

headunit: replaced with a generic kenwood dpx501bt, which seems like a massive upgrade in SQ with even the stock speakers.

so, I've committed to a local dealer for a Memphis Mclass 15-mcx4.75 amp and Memphis Mclass coaxials. the 5x7 for the front doors and 6x9 for the rear decks, im ignoring the rear door speakers. my question is regarding the speakers, the Memphis speakers. sound quality and such as my other option was JL audio at a much higher cost. whether I should have stayed with JL C3 series components in the doors and the rear deck with a JL d-class amp? I have until Thursday to decide. i'd like to stay with the Memphis M-class amp if possible, just unsure about the speakers as there are few reviews for them. I listen to all music except modern country.

im old school when Rockford, orion and precision power ruled the day, from what i've read that's no longer the case. gents, please advise.


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