help please

  1. J

    3 Door Speakers dont work after sub install to stock Head Unit

    I recently installed Subs on my 2010 GMC Sierra, I opted to keep the Stock Head Unit (its not a bose unit, No center console in truck). I Installed the Scosche LOC25l LOC unit, I tapped into the front R speaker and front L speaker. I tapped into the Head Unit power and ground for the LOC unit as...
  2. G

    What Amp shloud i get?

    I have a 15" mtx RFL sub in my 2000 Toyota Celica ready to bump but no amp . What Amp would you suggest for my Sub that runs at 2000rms and 4000 watt peak. Thanks in advance.
  3. K

    05 Grand Prix. First serious build, advice,help, anything appreciated!!

    Hey guys new member. Been into car audio a while but just getting into custom more advanced builds. Looking for opinions, others experiences etc.... Really need help designig with ported boxes. Got new subs n amp bought and waiting for me to figure out a box and all the install details...
  4. Y

    Noob! need help!

    hi i have theses 3 subs there MTX 10ichs 1 of them is blown so i planed on replacing it and i cant find them anywhere to buy. i have no clue what I'm doing and would basically wana know if its worth buying 1 sub to replace the blown one or replace all 3. thank you for your time
  5. T

    Alpine CDA-9856 can't install

    I bought this radio off of Craigslist because my car needs a radio and I don't even know where to start. I have photos of everything. All the plugs are not compatible. Nothing goes together. I drive a 1993 ford Mustang. Will upload photos asap This photo shows the 2 connectors coming out of...
  6. A

    which type R to use

    I am new to this. please help i have a couple different setups to choose fromj at my disposal. I am driving a 2007 dodge magnum which has a hatch back. i am debating on using 2 alpine type R 4th generation 12s in a ported box or 2 alpine type R 5th generation 10s in a ported box. both are dual 4...
  7. I

    Help - Hifonics Amp Install

    I've got a Hifonics ZRX600.4 (75 watts x 4 @ 4 ohm) running to a set of Kicker KS6.2 components (75 RMS/150 peak) and Kicker KS69 rears (150RMS/300 peak) running off of a Pioneer AVH-X1600DVD Head Unit with 2v pre-amp outs. Issue: To tune, Hifonics support told me this is a "peak power" amp...
  8. B

    i need some advise, should i buy these? or am i getting riped off? my first sterio

    Frekvens : 35 Hz - 250 Hz Max (RMS): 800 Watts Max (pink noise): 1600 Watts Impedans: 4 Ohm Dimension: 46.6 cm x 69.2 cm x 90.3 cm weight: ca. 49,2 kg i have two of these subwofers and i've got two of these XVP-2520 Frekvens: 45 Hz - 2550 Hz Max (RMS): 450 Watts Max (pink noise)...
  9. D

    new member here that could use some help.

    so first off id like to say hi to all you audiophiles out there and i was wanting to ask some questions, i am new to the whole car audio thing. but my biggest problem is deciding on which subwoofers to buy. i want 15's i have two 12's now but they just dont hit the lows i want them to. so to...
  10. B

    Please help!!!

    my alpine mrp-m1000 powers up, but no output?? what could it be? opened it up, nothing seems broken, looks/smells fried...
  11. puppet_1211

    new amp need help setting it

    i just purchased the crunch pza2000.1 monoblock i have 2 kicker cvr 12s 4 ohm dvc. im going to wire them to 1 ohm the amp is 1 ohm stable. ok i need to know how to set the levels on my amp there is a low pass 40-150hz a subsonic filter 15-55hz a bass boost 0-12db and a level 6-.2v! my headunit...
  12. Quizzno

    3 Amps, Remote wire with Toggle Switch Help

    So i have already in my truck 2 12" Jackhammers with a 1250w matching amp. what i want to do is get an additional two, 2 channel amps. One for my door speakers to run all of the time, and one for speakers outside of the cab with a toggle switch. Questions: Can I run 3 amps off of one H/U...
  13. A

    Help with /////alpine mrp m-850

    wheather im driving, in idle, or on accessory mode my amp just randomly stops producing output to my subs. the light doesn't even twitch when this happens, and everytime it does this I have to take me faceplate of my reciever to turn the amp off, and then ill put it back on, and it turns on, my...