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  1. Z

    Do i need to upgrade my battery and or alternator?

    I got a stock electrical system, it's got a 150 amp alternator. Not sure on the battery size. But I just got a new amp that does 1100 watts rms at 4 ohms, I'm gonna be setting the gain to get 700 watts rms. I was wondering if I would have to get another or new battery or upgrade my alternator...
  2. norman6

    Rv headunit change

    So I wanted to upgrade my old RV head unit. It’s an ancient Linear series. I bought just a cheap regular android radio off Amazon. Following the diagrams on old and new, I have power and functional headunit, but no sound at speakers. Amp keeps cutting off power. I also tried to bypass using...
  3. MoonMaster33

    Amp going into protect after upgrading power and RCA

    I just upgraded my power line from an 8 to a 4 after having power issues and ran some new RCA's too. I have a 1200 w class D mono amp. After the upgrade everything worked for a few minutes then it just started going into protect mode on heavy bass, but now I'm not getting any sound and the...
  4. J

    Boss armor dual channel and 2 10’ phantoms

    So I’m very new to audio and I have two boss phantom 800 watt 10s and a boss ar1600.2 amp and I have ran both subs in each channel and one sub specifically will not get nearly as much power as the other, like barely vibrating to the touch. My amp is bridgeable and each time I try and play...
  5. WillisMyName

    New setup - Need some help

    Just recently got everything delivered. I have a 2004 Mustang GT So I purchased a SA X12 V2 1500W RMS Sub and wired it in a Qbomb 12VL and paired it with SA1500d monoblock. However, the amp didn't work. The clip light was constant and the power and protection lights flashed every few seconds or...
  6. B

    amp question/help

    Hey everyone Im a “noobie “ to the car audio world. I have a 2011 Corolla & Google says my stock alternator runs 100 amps. Would that be enough to run an all in one enclosure sub/amp.? or am I looking at needing upgrade my alternator.? 800w Maximum Power RMS: 200 Watts Impedance: 2 Ohm
  7. A

    What amp should I get?

    I'm planning on buying subs for the first time. I've never had any nor have I ever set any up so I need to know what amp I should get to get the most out of my subs. I'm planning on getting (Kicker compr dual 12" dual-voice coil 2-ohm subwoofers with enclosure black) subs and it says they have...
  8. Q

    Amp Shuts off at medium volumes PLEASE HELP

    I do not know much at all about cars or car audio systems so i apologize if i am a hassle. Recently for Christmas i got/installed a sub into my car. It works perfectly fine until i turn up the volume a little bit. If i turn up the volume my amp starts flashing blue and the sub stops bumping. I...
  9. L

    Am I getting ripped off??? Monoblock Amp Issues. PLEASE HELP ME! , Part 2,

    Hello there again. For anyone that's missed the previous thread; i have a sound stream Rubicon 2500d mono block amp. It has recently stopped working. The amp powers on fine but i have no voltage coming out the speaker terminals. therefore, i have taken the amp to a electronics repair shop and...
  10. H

    Tuning my amp (Its confusing)

    I have a sundown audio sa 12 in 32 hz ported box Im running it on a precision power s550 @1ohm The back of the amp is confusing me , there is no gain nob. It is as follows level , lpf , and subsonic. Hers a diagram : Precision Power S1300.1D Owner's Manual And Installation Manual (Page 8 of...
  11. H

    Is precision power good?

    Hi everyone , I am setting this up tomorrow , what are your thoughts? 1 sundown audio sa 12 2.5 cu ft ported box at 32 hz , its custom built with double baffle. Sony Mex-N5000BT Precision power sedona s550.1 This is going in a 1996 nissan sentra gxe , I got another battery which is 20 amps...
  12. F

    Do i need a new amp? One side of car speakers working HELPP

    I have two JBL gt5-10d's hooked onto a JBL Grand Touring Series GTO1201.1 II. Only one side of my car speakers work(passengers) the subs both work. I checked my head unit balance settings and I made sure the wiring harness was connected correctly and it was. Before this amp it worked. But when...
  13. roko

    I need help asap

    ok so i just bought me a cvr kicker 15 and wired it 1ohm i have a 2channel KOLE audio phanatik series ph2-1500 mosfet,bridgeable,crossover,hpf/lpf, 2ohm stable i also have a epicenter and a 8.0 farad cap by impulse 4gage good ground heres the probelm ok check it out it sounds amazing but if...
  14. M

    how do I get 2ohm for my subs

    Hello I have a boss ph2.1000 2000 watt amp I'm kinda new with amps so need help it says it can but can't figure it out I have 2 12" type R's that are 2 ohm how do I run the amp for 2 ohm for both subs I looked it up only way I seen was run 4 subs but that can't be right can any one help
  15. D

    One of those beginner Hiphonics threads... Help needed

    In my 2006 Ford Five-Hundred Limited I have 2 10" JL 10W3v3-2's wired down to 1 ohm. I had it all wired with a 4gauge wiring kit. My first amp was the Hiphonics HFi 1500.1. The professional installer guy came to me after installation and said "dude, those subs are amazing, and can take twice...